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T and Sex Drive

Hey this might sound like a dumb question, but does taking supra physiological doses of testosterone increase sex drive or just aid one in achieving an erection?

Does it have potential to aid both?

Read a study that claimed libido didn’t change much in normal men who took 600mg of T per week. This statement confused me… as I always heard the opposite

I’m curious because my test levels are relatively low as well as my desire and ability to maintain and achieve erections.

T greatly improves all aspect of sexual performance if low-T was the cause.

You need to be careful about what you read. 600mg T per week without E2 management would create huge amounts of E2 that would trash libido, mood, energy, initiative etc and also strong risk of gyno and bloat. In any case, that info is out of context for TRT and is more of a body building T dose, and those guys mess things up all of the time.

Ksman. Take this for what its worth because it isnt a scientific statement.

A common steroid cycle these days of just testosterone is usually 500-750 mg weekly. I know a lot of idiots who are ill advised about e2 management and they all rave on about the sexual improvements on these doses. The only time I hear of absolute fuck ups is when deca is involved usually on its own or at a high dose even with test.

By the way not recommending this to anyone. Its just a curiosity thing. 500 mg of test per week puts guys @ 3000-4000 ng/dl total test so I can imagine some crazy high e2 also. Do you think the supraphysiological level overrides the high e2 possibly?

Ahhh I see, I for some reason didn’t factor in the e2 my bad. tj thats an interesting question hopefully KSman can chime in on that one.