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T and Gray Hair


So, Im aware that women's hair turns gray when they hit menopause and they dehormone. When men's hair starts turning gray does that signal dropping T levels? Im 29 and starting to get gray hairs. Im not really concerned about how it looks or that my T is low or anything, but I am curious if it is a direct sign of my T levels having started to drop a little with age..


Hair turns gray as we age because the follicles at the base of the hair shaft cease to produce melanin. Each follicle contains a finite number of pigment cells. These pigment cells produce melanin, a chemical that gives the hair shaft (the visible strands) its color (black, brown, blonde, red, and all shades in between.) The darkness or lightness of your hair depends on how much melanin each strand contains. Melanin is the same pigment that makes skin tan upon exposure to the sun.

With age, the pigment cells in the follicle gradually die off. As they do so, that strand will no longer contain as much color and will show up as silver, gray, or white as it grows. Eventually, all the pigment cells will die and the hair becomes completely gray.



The age at which this process begins varies with each individual, and is genetically pre-determined. People as young as 20 start to go gray, while others keep their color past 50.


I always hoped that when I started to go grey that I'd get that Stewart Granger look, you know the grey hair at the sides of the temples. I can just see myself in a smoking jacket looking windswept and interesting. It didn't happen though, I've just got random grey hairs all over, and I mean all over. At least my cock looks distinguished, though it looks more like Willy Nelson than Stewart Granger;-D


Sorry to hear that.


Sorry I should have qualified that, Willie Nelson [i]BEFORE[/i] the IRS buttfucked him.


Oh god I just spewed my shake all over when I read that.

Thanks....thanks alot. lol


I started getting grey hair at about 12. My hair now is about 25% grey at 21 mixed in with my black hair. Everyone thinks I am in my late 20's, I'm not sure if that is an advantage though. My sister has the same thing, she dyes her hair though.

I think my t-levels are fine as far as I am concerned, there is nothing really connecting the two.


Does anus hair go gray too? Just wondering aloud.



That depends on the color of your shit.


I started to gray in High School


You guys are all in luck. I just watched something on Fox News yesterday that said most women find gray hair sexy on men and white hair on women is the new fad(thats what they said).


Women tell us that so we won't find out how much they spend on all that hair dye stuff.