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I’m on LinkedIn. I’ve had a few recruiters contact me through the site before and I’ve got like 100 recruiters as friends or whatever LinkedIn calls them. I’ll reach out to them that way. Thanks, Max.


How do you reach out to recruiters through LinkedIn? I’ve been contacted from them before but I’ve never reached out. I think it might be that time for me…


I’ll probably direct message a handful of them individually. You could post that you’re looking and it should hit all of their feeds. I am not going to do that because some of my connection could inform my boss…

I’ve already got a call with Ledgent Finance and Accounting tomorrow.



How would you advise a person to go about gaining the mathematical chops for data analysis? The highest level math class I’ve ever taken is Trig and that was 2003. I’ve taken a few stats classes, though.

All of the econometric/data analytic’s programs and even UMD’s MBA program wants you to have at least Calc I.

Any thoughts? My local community college doesn’t offer Calc. I could hit up UMD or another local college I guess.

For anyone, do you know anyone that’s gone through Jack Welch’s MBA program?


I don’t think Calc would be worth your time unless you want to be a data scientist. That level of detail usually requires a Phd so that seems to be a different career path than what you’re talking about. Stats and Business Analytics classes are much more useful and are classes offered in the business school I’m attending. Not sure aboud MD though. Calc 1-5/DifEq, is more math theory than data analytics.

If you were looking at getting more into data-based careers I would spend my time more on learning programming languages, databases, and stats than any math theory.


Big firm your knowledge base is 100 feet deep, but 2 feet wide.
Small firm is 100 feet wide but 2 feet deep…

There is trade offs.

Also work in small firm and am frustrated by big firm peeps.


True. One thing about the audit people from Big 4 is that they can quote the regs from memory (numbered citations and all). Only thing is, none of the managers at my firm give a shit about that lol. Being able to run a job efficiently and communicate with the client is much more valuable. The technical stuff can be easily looked up if necessary.


For you accountants out there, what’s the rule for capital gains tax and selling your home? I’ve heard it’s 2 years from some and 3 from others. My neighbors just put their house up for 50% more than I paid for mine, and I’m getting the itch for a bigger garage gym.


If its your primary residence and you’ve lived there for 2 out of the 5 years before the sale you can shelter $250,000 of gains from tax. If you are married filing joint make that $500,000 I believe.


Did they actually sell it? Is your house and their’s comparable?


They listed it yesterday. At least 7 houses have sold in my little neighborhood in the last year, including across the street for a pretty penny. We’ve seen lots of appreciation as Portland’s housing supply is dismal. This particular one has just raised the stakes considerably. We are very similar floor plan. They have an extra half bath, I’ve got a dining room. Just your usual trade offs in a 1930s home. Both have completely been restored with new MEP


Has anyone gone through the Jack Welch MBA program?