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T-Accountants Unite


I thought it would be cool to create a place for T-Accountants to introduce themselves and prove to the world that not all accountants are squinty, scoliotic squares



Well, I'm guessing CountingBeans will be here soon...then, well, I'm not man enough to be invited to that soon-to-be party!!!!


Nards any accountant who's not skinny fat is the accounting anti-christ
so if you happen to enjoy your lifting along with your monthly reconciliations you are invited


Well, I'm more fat than skinny, and can add as well as the next guy, but I know nothing about money other than it pays for my apartment, where I have my refrigerator and for beer....which goes in the aforementioned refrigerator.


Graduating Wednesday with my bachelor degree in accounting and finance. :slightly_smiling:










Sorry if I seemed nuts there...this will explain: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/See_You_Next_Wednesday


I remember when I was a teenager, my dad got audited twice.

It happened 2 years in a row, I was probably around 14 or so. I remember these guys coming to our house, my dad telling my mom to go in the kitchen and cook up some of the really good shit. They stayed and ate with us for about 2 hours, and all was well.

Nothing happened in the long run, but my dad had a business in our garage where he would make an extra $25k per year and never declared it. I can only assume, that some really good pasta, some great wine, and a wad of cash made it all go away. I think my dad took a page straight from the Goodfellas handbook.


T-accountant checking in. I lurk more than I post, but thought I'd make an exception for this. :slightly_smiling:


Beans is in the middle of tax season, he only really shows up on Wednesdays, as Nards indicated.


So this is the thread for advice on Taxes? Can PMPM write off how much she spends in pork products?


I am kinda sort considering accounting as a back up plan to med school... So, do you accountants like your job? How much do you work? Any other random info would be very much appreciated


Hello Accountants,

        Well I always believed that Auditors suck,because they're top talent is asking retarded questions and making ur life a misery.

        Tax accountants are more than welcome, but please keep advise on the PM's.

Congrats Teledin its good to see fresh T-Accountants coming up.

Just a place for people like us to hang out discuss the work-life balance aspect of things. The shock in the eyes of wimpy accountants when they see u waalking in for the first time.

I am a Senior Management Accountnt for Centamin Egypt Limited I specialise in Mergers and Acquisitions and Bottle neck accounting(throughput accounting for the brits) I work and live on a mine site 800 miles from home, so I work 12 hour days for 20 days a month then go home for 10 days. I have my CMA and CA done.

Living on the minesite(which has a small but ok gym with a few serious guys only training there is cool. My diet is under the control of the site chef who I have threat in to cooking fat free food otherwise I send my Junior accountants to do random stock takes the next day (abusing my accounting powers).

I really love my job and all my colleagues are more like family now since we stay here more than we stay back home.

I usually bring lots of tuna cans, fruit and tubs of whey to last for 20 days to substitute if the chef gets naughty.

Thats me for now



LOL @ backup plan.

If you want to get a CPA license, you're going to have to have a number of course hours in certain subjects. If you have a natural science related degree you won't meet the required hours. This means you will have to do at least an additional year of courses (maybe more depending on the state you're writing in) not to mention pass the 4 entrance exams for the actual CPA license.


Nice, I'm currently writing the US CPA exams, and am enrolled in the Canadian CMA program (a big designation in Canada. The US CMA is actually a bit of a joke).


Congrats brah, are you getting a CPA after?

The Australian CPA and the Canadian CMA have mutual recognition in both our countries. How's work life for a CPA in Australia?


Lmao good story.