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T 437 ng/dL, Free T 10.5 pg/mL

Hey guys I just got my blood work results today and was a little concerned so maybe some of you guys could shed some light?

Testosterone, Serum 437 ng/dL
Free Testosterone 10.5 pg/mL

Frankly I’m always tired no matter what! Additionally I’ve gained about 50 pounds in the last 4 months.
I’m starting to feel I may have low T due to those two things. Additionally I took a fair share of pro hormones back in high school so I’m not sure if that could effect my current state.

Any advice would be great as I’m having a hard time find any solid info anywhere else.


What time of day did you take lab?

You may need a testicular ultrasound and MRI pituitary after thorough labs. And you may need to see an endocrinologist

Other lab work is useful for you to determine what’s wrong.


Lipid panel
Metabolic panel
Thyroid Panel and antibodies
Am cortisol
Vit d

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I expect your doctor to tell you you’re numbers are within range and normal, only in reality there not even close to normal testosterone for a young 25 year old, right now a 72 year old president has higher levels.

Younger men typically have higher testosterone than older men, typically men your age on average are scoring in the 800 ranges and high normal or higher Free T.

Expect endocrinologists and urologists to be clueless in endocrine disorders related to testosterone, most would say you’re too young for TRT and would brush you off and just feed you you’re fine and in range when really they want you to leave becoming someone else’s problem.

Sick care doctors, the medical community believe TRT is taboo and ethically wrong, most doctors upon seeing your labs would like nothing more for you to just leave their office immediately.

A lot of men who come here also have undiagnosed hypothyroidism and are told by their doctors their thyroid numbers are in range and normal, TSH reference ranges are not normal and doctors are operating on old outdated information, feeling cold and rapid weight gain are common symptoms of hypothyroidism.


Private doctors are more up to date and where you should be looking for treatment, anti-aging and sports medicine.

Do you have more labs such as LH and FSH?

You need to look into why you have gained 50 lbs in 4 months. That is like 3 lbs a week. That’s not normal.

Your test is pretty low. I tested at 479, 379 and 390 in separate tests, and I had symptoms. Free was measured twice at 14, and 10.