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T 400 in Plastic Vial

A friend of mine recently had to stop his cycle due to some personal issues and I was fortunate enough to be the beneficiary of his gear.

I am concerned about a 25ml vial of T 400 he had. I have seen T 400 before and it looks to be the appropriate viscosity and color but it is in a plastic vial. I do not know if I can name the brand but it is one that went under in 2001 and has had many knockoffs of it produced by a supplier in China. The knockoffs have been shown to have Test in them but at about 330 MG/ML rather than 400. But even the knockoffs come in a glass vial based on other pictures I have observed.

He had used about 4 MLs and did not develop any sort of infection. I am still a little hesitant to put this in my body. Has anyone had any experience similar to this? Is it safe to shoot or does it belong in the trash?