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T-3 vs T-4

I’m not starting my AAS cycle for a few months and I decided I would go on a very short cycle of Clen and T-4. Just over one month, quick taper up and down. Trying to get rid of a little paunch and just cut down a bit from the long bulk I’ve been on.

So I chose T-4 because I’ve never done a thyroid hormone before and I figured I’d start with weaker one to assess how I react to it. Also it cost half as much as the T-3, which was more of a deciding factor.

When I received my package today, however, there was the T-4 I ordered along with a bottle of T-3 instead of the Clen. Turns out the Global Anabolic bottle looks exactly the same and the price was the same and I’m ordering in a country where they don’t use roman letters on a daily basis so somebody screwed up and put the wrong thing in my envelope.

That’s really no problem because they are a standup company and returned my email immediately apologizing and told me to keep the T-3 and they would send out a bottle of Clen ASAP.

So now I have T-3 and T-4, and I am wondering if somebody knows which would be A.) more muscle sparing (I’ve heard T-3 and then I’ve heard T-4 so I don’t know what to believe) and also which would secure the best fat-loss results in that short period of time.

Can anybody help me out here?

T4 dosen’t work, pure and simple. T3 is far supperior.

T4 doesn’t work? Have you forgotten basic chemistry,? How about T4 converts to T3, and T3 being four times as potent per milligram is what makes it active and available to the body?
I think you may have meant the above instead of “doesn’t work”, right?


I think he meant that your body tries to keep levels even by not converting the t4 to t3 when you take excess amounts for fat burning so you get poor results compared to just taking t3 which there is no getting around by your body.