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t-3 clenbuteral

Anyone ever do a fat loss cycle using t-3 and clenbuteral. I would like to use these compounds but not sure of the dosages.

Try t-3 at 25-50mg day one split in two dosages. Then days 2-14 do 12.5-25 mg (1/2-1 pill). Or try pyramiding up from 25 to a max. 50 and back down to 12.5mg.

Clen- Try starting at two and work up to five. Again build gradually and taper down.

Two weeks on…take at least six-eight weeks off.

Try switching to MD6 after cycle or use Power Drive twice a day. If you use MD6, use for 2-4 weeks and switch to Power Drive.

Good luck!

ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS? I think he met mcg not mg,right? I know this stuff can be dangerous so I want to do it right.

Sorry, mcg. Not mg. You can also try taking your full dose at once first thing in the morning and do cardio. It just depends on your makeup.

Listen, I know you probably dont want to hear this but using t-3 in sufficient doses to lose fat will also make you catabolic. Some will say that this is where the clen comes in but I dont think that it will even counteract the big catabolic effects of thyroid. I think the only way to use clen+thyroid would be to use them while on androgens in order to increase muscle while losing the fat. I certainly wouldnt recommend this to everyone but Ive seen incredible results with modest doses of test+insulin+thyroid+clen. One guy, for example, gained 30lbs of lean mass while maintaining under 6% fat. This, coupled with a 5,000-6,000 cal/day diet. This guy was very large already (5ft8in and 200lbs). My first suggestion if you are not a competitive bodybuilder would be to tighten up your diet, do cardio regularly, train your butt off, and take some supplements like eca stack, MD6, or the like. If youre serious about fat loss, this will work really well and you wont have to break the law or risk your future health.

I wholeheartedly agree with Poly. It is very dangerous and catabolic. If you do decide to do it anyway, check your bloodpressure regularly. If it goes up too high, you feel faint or dizzy, headaches, etc. lower the dosages or stop. Eat at least 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. Take either anabolics or Methoxy-7 to preserve muscle mass.