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t-2pro md6 and methoxy7

Has anyone tried this combination, and did it work for them? I am thinking of giving it a shot, but would like to hear what others who have used it thought, before I spend the money. I have taken other thermogenics in the past i.e. metabolife,xenadrine,and hydroxycut,and due to my past history with other things I feel this is why the thermogens did not work for me at all.

I’m taking all three right now; it’s a great stack to optimize thyroid output, mobilize fatty acids, supress appetite, and retain as much LBM as possible. I recommend it.

A very good stack! I’ve had awesome results with it and so has my wife. But make sure you know how to eat for fat loss too. Even great supps don’t make up for a bad diet. T-mag is a good source for diet info if you need help in that area.

Hi, I had been using this stack for a while to no avail using John Berardi’s caloric intake recomendations bwx16-500 (3200c)and they were just way to high for me so I have re-adjusted lbmx16-500(1750c) and now I am starting to see some great results.

I just finished using that same stack while dieting and got incredible results. The methoxy helped me retain lean body mass. I only lost .5 to .7 inches from the bicep measurement but my belt size went down five notches. The MD6 helps control your appetite especially for carbs. I’m quit taking the new formula MD6 last week and am going off methoxy tomorrow because I started the 4-ad and mystat 5 days ago. I will stop the 4-ad after a couple of weeks and alternate two week periods between 4-AD/mag10 and methoxy. I seem to remember Bill Roberts saying that it’s a waste to take both at the same time and after taking both I would agree.

In a previous post you mentioned 5x5 training. I have tried the search engine and can’t seem to find an entire routine on it. I know it pretty well sums itself up 5 sets 5 reps, but I would like to see an entire program on it. for exercises, splits, and rest.Where could I look to find that?

You can find it in two places; the easiest of which is probably the “Getting Ripped Support Group (version 3.0)” thread…the post is “5x5 program.”

It is described in a little more detail on the Alessi thread; the post is "Joel Marion to MB Eric" and it gets into rest intervals and things of that nature. Exercise descriptions are also provided a little ways down the thread for some of the more "unconventional" movements prescribed.

Just a little story Rod. In 1998 while getting prepared for a local contest I dieted down to 5.8% bf and entered the show at 196lbs. at a height of 5ft 10 & half in. I ended in a dissapointing 4th. After examining myself after the contest I realized I not only overtrained to the point of looking like someone from Bangledesh, but I needed to rethink my supplementation. I entered the same show in 2000 and included Methoxy 7 along with MD6 in my reportiore. Even though I adjusted my training to better suit a 43 yr old There is no doubt the Methoxy worked wonders. I entered the show at6%bf but my weight was a solid 212 lbs. This time I got 2nd place and was thrilled. I got off the Methoxy right after the show and ate like a horse for abouht a week and to my surprise was 3 lbs lighter a week later. There is no doubt in my mind Methoxy works and guess is that it assimilates the protein at a much faster rate such as steroids do. This is my experience with Methoxy and MD6 and now you have T2 Pro to add to the equation. In my opinion this a better stack than you could get from a doctor. By the way I am currntly on the 3 of them as we speak.