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New to this site and really enjoy it. Was thinking about trying some t-2 to cut down some access body fat. Already eat well and follow the supplement pyramid. Was wondering what some of you thought about it. Is it worth it? Is it legal for a college athlete? And does it have any harmful affects on the body?

Since you are new to the site I will let you in on a not so well guarded secret. The forum and the main site have search functions to the left. If you search for t2 you will find all the answers to your questions. Hope this helps,

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J- I have been using it for the past month for cutting. When combined with an ECA stack the effects are very noticeable. T2 is the “old stuff” T2 -pro is the new stuff. The old T2 is very high powered stuff. T2 pro is more of a support supplement. I have heard it compared to Mag-10 while T2 pro is more along the lines of 4-ad. I cannot tell you if you will blow an NCAA test for this stuff. It’s not a steroid. Good Luck if you try it. The stack worked for me.

Hi, J. If you’re really taking T2 (and not T2 PRO-Thyroid), you need to cycle it; four weeks on, four weeks off. If you don’t, you will seriously screw up thyroid hormone output, and you WILL end up with rebound fat gain.

If you have access to both products, you would get a very good result alternating T2 and T2-Pro monthly.

I have had great results with t2 in the past (fat loss) but it can be hard to acquire these days.
The results were noticeably better with T2 than they were with T2-pro.