T-2 Use?

Should I wait to use T-2 after a cycle untill my endogenous T levels are fully recovered? That is, should I wait about 4 weeks or so after my cycle before I begin T-2? I’ve never used T-2 before and I’m afraid of excessive catabolism.

For those of you with experience using T-2, do you think Carbolin (since I was going to use it post cycle) would be anabolic enough to offset any possible catabolic effects of T-2? Should I just wait and use T-2 DURING a cycle?

Thanks for the help,


Thyroid drugs are very dose dependant. The avg male produces ~25mcg t-3/d, so exogenous administration can range from 12.5mcg/d to as high as 200mcg/d. I currently am taking 50mcg cytomel/d along with some anabolic support and am constantly hungry along with sweating profusely. I personally wouldn’t use it without some anabolic support d/t my natural metabolic rate being so high, but for someone predisposed to putting on bodyfat it may not be such a bad idea.