T-2 Updates

As most of you know (and read on the side
of the bottle), we suggest 150mcg per
day as the maximum amount of T-2 a person
should use.

Because safety is always our number one
concern, Bill and I decided this was the
best approach and would still yield quite
good results.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been
supervising about half a dozen people
who have elected to increase the dosage
beyond Biotest’s suggestion.

I am happy to report that there are no
real adverse side effects with people
going as high as 300mcg per day.

Now I am in no way suggesting or encouraging
anyone to ignore the warnings or suggested
doses that Biotest has put on the label.

What I am saying is that going beyond at that,
at your own peril of course, is not going
to bother most people.

I had one woman, who started a fat fast
with Nandrosol and T-2 at 186 pounds.
After two weeks, her weight had leveled off
at 173 pounds and she could not seem to
lose anymore without starving herself.

So we made one of the fast days a day of
“protein only” and doubled her T-2 dosage
to 300mcg per day (2 caps 3X per day) and
she dropped 7 pounds the 1st week and
4 pounds the next week (she is at 162 now).

I am sure some of this is water and she
was kind of bitchy (PMS, I am sure she’ll
gain a little of it back). But shit, she
lost 24 pounds in a month and there is
no way that is all water. Her goal is
to get to 150 and I bet she hits it in
3 weeks.

I had another guy using Cytomel (T-3) at
150mcg per day. Against advice, he started
his cycle (30mg of orally Winny +
20mg of Oxandrolone + 150mcg of T-3 per day)
without having enough stuff to last the
full 6 weeks (he had an order pending with
some source). Two weeks into this cycle,
his order was “delayed” and he had to cut
back off the Anavar and use only Winny which
he bumped to 50mg per day…he also ran
out of Cytomel so we switched him to
300mcg of T-2 per day. He swears he could
not tell the difference between 150mcg of
T-3 and 300mcg of T-2.

I could go on and on but basically, it seems that T-2 is about 1/2 as potent as T-2 wrt to fat burning and it seems relatively safe at up to 300mcg per day.

Update ended :-)


Thanks for the update, Brock. Very interesting info!

Brock, you have mentioned that an “all protein” day is beneficial once or twice a week on the Fat Fast, however you have never explained how or why this works. Could you please take the time to do so at this juncture. Or at the very least direct us to the medical studies that support the use of this method as a weight reducing tool. Thank you.

Brock, did any of these people have blood levels drawn? Have you looked into any cycle changes yet? Thanks for the update!

Anyone tried a “loading dose” with good results? Since we’re talking about doing things at our own peril and all.

Shit! Wish I would’ve known this earlier. I just finished a 4 week cycle, and I’m looking pretty good. I went from 11% bf. to 9 %bf. And I wasn’t too damn strict with the diet- using the 3 fat, 3 carb meal rule, but breaking it once in a while eating a supersize double quarterpounder w/ cheese meal. Diet coke of course.

I was thinking of going to 4 caps a day, but Didn't want any side effects. Speaking of which, what are the real possible side effects? Shutting off your own production? Anything besides that?

Also, is there an update with regard to changing the 4 week waiting period before using it again? Thanks Brock

I would like to know about the four week waiting period as well. Is it necessary to wait that long? Will it be detrimental to only wait two weeks?

Brock, great to hear it’s ok to up the dosage because at 3 a day, I didn’t see a whole lot of progress. Doesn’t bodyweight have any bearing on the dosage? It seems crazy that someone half my bodyweight would require the same dosage. Thanks for all of your hard work and advice on this forum Brock!

I agree with some of the guys that at three capsules the tolerance is attained quite fast wanting us to up the dosage, great report Brock. My question is this I only weigh 164 Lbs. but wanna get shredded so I was wondering how I should seperate taking four capsules a day as in every four, three, five hours? Thanks

I don’t have answers to all your questions.

I would guess it is OK to go up to 6 weeks
at 300mcg per day of T-2 but it has not
been tested longer than that nor has a break
of less than 4 weeks been tested.

Wish I had more info and I will in a few


All the above are good questions… the issue of stacking with MD6 (as many people are doing) should also be addressed. Any more info would be vaulable

wow great thread… i was wondering myself if i could take more being that im 245lbs… i didnt feel much at the 2-3 caps dosing… also did any of you t-men or women use t-2 with clenbuterol??? id also like to hear brocks opinion on using 6 caps of t-2 with clenbuterol?? and with straight ephedrine??? also i did a 2 week on and then 2 weeks off and now im back on for 2-3 weeks…in your opinion is this ok brock or bill??? would there be any difference in 2 on 2 off 2 on 2 off as opposed to 4 on 4 off??? also with the 6 caps per day… should i cycle up and down or just use 6 caps for the duration and then stop completely… sorry for being long winded but this sounds like a great protocol as in most of the hardcore guys in the gym as well as strippers i know were telling me they use 75-100mcg of t-3!!! thank you very much