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T-2/T-2 pro/T-2... 12 week cycle

At April 1, i want to start a 12 week cutting phase. would it be advisable and safe to do 4 weeks of T-2, then 4 weeks of T-2 pro, then 4 weeks of T-2 ??? I want to do it this way for obvious reasons of possible suppression of the thyroid, but still am looking for the great benefits for 12 weeks. I know you’re a very busy guy, and I appreciate all your work I’ve seen you do for everyone on this forum.


Sure! This is a very good plan for both efficacy and safety. Hope you get excellent results.

There was another thread where this type of cycle was suggested by Bill Roberts (I think). The T-2pro does not need to be cycled so can be used during your off weeks from T-2. I’m doing the same thing. From what I can gather the old T-2 had a stronger effect, but needed to be cycled off of. The strength of the new T-2pro is that you can take it continuously so this may mean you will get better long-term results.

THANKS Bill and Dave for taking the time to answer! I wanted to make sure what I was wanting to do would be safe and efficient.