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T-2 Question For Biil Roberts

I have a bunch of old T-2 and was wondering what you think is the best 12 week cycle to use, considering I have a bodybuilding show and have to be as lean as possible. Would alternating T-2 and T-2 Pro every 4 weeks or a straight 12 weeks of T-2 be the best choice? I have also found 6 caps of T-2 to work extremely well for 4 weeks at a time rather then 3 caps a day. Thanks Bill!

I’ve been taking 3 T2 and 3 T2 pro a day for the past week… it ain’t killed me yet. seems to work pretty damn good though from what i can tell for just one week. the ideal thing is to alternate between the two, like 4 week cycles… i’m doing both T2’s for 4 weeks total to see how it goes, then back to just T2pro for my last 4 weeks.


If remember, Tim once said not to stack both T2 and T2 Pro together. That you can take T2 for 4 weeks, than stop the T2 and take T2 Pro for 4 weeks, and keep alternating in this fashion. But that both shouldnt be taken together.

i had asked about that before in a post and no one answered, so i just figured i’d try it once to see what happens… my theory is, which may be wrong, but if T2 stimulates the thyroid, then might as well take the ingedients that help the thyroid produce, such as t2 pro

I have heard of people using 2 wk cycles, 2-T2 then 2-T2pro. If you want to get really lean, throw in some (of course MD6) methoxy.

I’m not sure but I believe that someone(Bill, Brock??) said that T2 and T2-pro make a nice stack. On the other hand I could be just seeing things.

Bump for Bill, please!

While we are on the subject, does T-2 and T-3 work on the same level. For example could you use T-2 3 pills ED for 4 weeks then uses T-3 12.5 for 4 weeks. Or am I better off just using t-2 or t-3 for 8 weeks straight?

If you used higher doses of T2, such as 3 capsules per day or more, then stacking T2 Pro might not make sense because thyroid
production might be too inhibited for the help ordinarily given by T2 Pro to occur.
But at lower doses like one or two capsules
per day, quite possibly the T2 Pro would
help maintain natural production.