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I have been taking T-2Pro for a month along with meth-7 I lost 14 pounds of fat in the first 2 weeks but I was also consuming alot of caffiene and I have cut back on the caff and notice the I quit losing fat.I know I wasnt losing any muscle cause the meth-7 is working great,but I was wondering if anyone else had taken the T-2 with some extra caff kicked and noticed better results.Thanks

I’m glad that you’re so pleased with your
results, and I’m sure they’ve been excellent results, but for the sake of accuracy, quite a bit of your 14 lb loss must have been water.
I think it’s impossible to lose 14 lb of fat in 2 weeks without muscle loss.

That would require a caloric deficit of
3500 cal/day, which wouldn’t be possible
without a tremendous amount of aerobic
work combined with very low calories, which
inevitably would cause muscle loss.