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T-2 Pro Questions

Okay, I’m trying T-2 Pro for the first time. I just did 4 weeks of ephedrine and caffein then took a week off now I’m onto the T-2. I don’t have a particularly fast metabolism so I figured this would be good for me. I’m curious as to anyone’s results with this stuff.

I tried searching the forums but didn’t really come up with what I was looking for. I’m curious if people noticed any increases in temperature or any sort of odd feeling while taking this stuff? I’ve been on it for 3 days now and don’t notice feeling any different.

I’m also curious about taking a double dose of the stuff and any potential effects from that. Thanks for the help.


ps. please don’t tell me I should buy hotrox, or that I should have bought hot rox or anything about hot rox. I’m just not willing to spend that sort of money at the moment, especially being Canadian.

I got pretty “hot” off of 3 caps/day. Didn’t notice much in terms of fat loss but that was more likely due to my training/diet used at the time. I liked it better than T2 and get a similar heat increase w/ the Rox.

I felt noticeably warmer with three T2’s a day, but with T2 Pro I haven’t noticed anything like that. May be that the change in the formula makes a difference…

Thanks for the replies guys, I appreciate it.

Anyone else have anything to add?