T-2 Dosage

Some of you guys are confusing Biotest’s T2 with their T2-Pro.

T2 was actual 3,5 diiodo-L-thyronine.

T2 Pro contain thyroid precursors and the like.

T2 was a highly effective product. I never used T2-Pro.

Biotest’s original T2 was in fact a 3,5-diiodo-thyronine product. The FDA put pressure on them to discontinue the sale IIRC, then they released the T2 Pro or whatever it was called.

The original T2 was a very effective product, but from memory, the recommended dosage seemed a bit tame…I remember taking an additional 1-2 pills over what they recommended and had better success.

Thanks, ChrisKing and Dominator, finally getting some responses that relate to my original question–and clear up the confusion in many people’s minds over T-2.


T2 is great stuff. good luck with it.
its too bad ignorant people claim to know what it is and what it does but really have no clue.