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T-2 and Diet

1st off, to the experts here. Does T2 effect receptor sites like Ephedra, I want to know b/c I discovered fat burners were the cause of “performance” problems among me and a few other people, and I dont want to go back to dealing with that. Anyway, I ordered 3 bottles and cant wait to try it, gonna stack it with Champion Nutritions Slenderful. Any advice on the best way to do so? Since Low fat diets and low carb high fat diets havent been doing it for me fat loss-wise. I’m going to do very high protein, low carbs and low fat. I’ve talked to a few people winning contests naturally and it seems like my last hope. My diet will be simple, similar to John Berardi’s plan, in a sense. 1st meal post-workout, 1 can chicken (from Sams) and a 10oz. sweet potato. Meals 2-5 are 1 can chicken and 7 fish oil capsules (also from Sams) which would be equal to 2 tbsp. of Flaxseed oil (28 added g fat). Thats it. GBC training w/ less total sets (Results seem much better w/ less than Poliquin recommends) And a test drive of T2 to go along with it. I’m 220 now at around 11%bf. My goal is to reach 5-6%, a contest-ready test drive. Ratio’s are 338g protein, 40g fat and 50g carbs at 70%prot, 20% fat and 10% carbs. I know this sounds crazy but I’ve seen pictures and talked to people who did this, and fat loaded instead of carb loaded right before contest, and were ridiculously ripped.

The sexual performance problems that some have from ephedrine are caused by ephedrine being an alpha receptor agonist (an undesired activity) as well as a beta receptor agonist.

The antidote, by the way, is yohimbine, should
you wish to use ephedrine again.

Thyroid hormones do not have this problem.