t-2 (1st version) bridging?

I’m going to be shifting from a low carb phase using t-2 (old) to a higher carb low fat mag-10 cycle.A friend thought that I’d gain more than usual fat coming off the t2 until thyroid adjusted. Are their bridging strategies needed? If so what? Thanks.

That’s nothing to worry about if you used T2 according to the label. If not, Bill has said that T2-Pro right after T2 or T3 could help.

If you are dramatically increasing your calorie level on the low-fat/MAG-10 you may want to try some CLA. From the past articles (from t-mag) on this fat it appears as though its best (and maybe only) effect is inhibiting bodyfat accumulation on a bulking type-diet. I have a ways to go on my low-carb diet first but when I’m done I’ll probably go with a MAG-10 building plan. If you try the CLA please post your results. Good luck.