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T-17E Potency?


I know this might be putting the cart before the horse so to speak since it's production is still in the preliminary stages, but will T-17E be roughly equipotent to 400 mg of T?

If so, combined with N-17E it would be similiar to 800 mg of stacked class I and II anabolics. But would the enzyme pathways required for conversion of N-17E and T17-E be 'overloaded' if both products wre used together? If not, then that stack would be gettin' darn near that magical 1 G mark! Almost unbelievable for natural products.

Though I can't speak for everyone, I'm sure to say that most T-mag readers are excited at the prospect is probably an understatement. Perhaps 2001 is the year that truly effective steroid replacement supplements that rival moderate-high doses of AAS emerge!
And most importantly, done in a legal manner.

BTW, I like Bill's analogy of Nandrosol being like a low side effect version of Dianabol. Perhaps you could call it DianaSol! Ok, lame joke but I'm working on it.


The design goal for T-17E is the 600 mg/week level, since
this was found quite safe in the New England Journal of
Medicine study.

However we don't yet know if both goals (for N-17E and
T-17E) can be achieved concurrently in the same user,
since as you have pointed out, enzyme limitations could
potentially prevent this. Both prohormones do use the same
enzyme for conversion. So there will be a limit at some
point. We just don't know where that is yet.

However, so far as stacking with 4-AD or nor-4-AD, there's
no problem with enzyme saturation. First, the diols appear
directly active themselves, and second, for what part of
them does convert to T or N, this is a different enzyme than
what is used by the ether prohormones (N-17E and T-17E.)
So both can run "full blast" independently and combine with
each other very well.