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T-17e and N-17e

WHEN will these promising products come out, what can we expect to pay for them?
By the way, have ya’ll ever thought of trying to developing something like clomid??

I’ve sworn off the release-date-predicting thing since I’ve blown it so often.

My input on the pricing will be, and this is a philosophy that Tim agrees with, that we want to at least match the price/performance of Androsol if at all possible (and in my opinion, Androsol gives the best price/performance of any supplement ever with the exception of bulk creatine for those who have good response to it, and then only for a limited number of pounds, and because creatine is SO cheap (5 grams per day costs about 20 cents.)

Brock and another researcher are currently working on a product that works like Clomid. It seems promising but is not ready to go yet and several other new products will be released before that one is. For example, Hydroxy-7, Euphoria, certainly T2, and a new prohormone product are all closer to release. Doesn’t mean this one is necessarily that far off though.

Will this clomid-replacement be an ejaculation enhancer also? If it is, I’m buying it. Finally results you and your girlfriend can both see!

wait a minute Bill, is this “other” prohormone product something different than N-17E and T-17E? I thought the other prohormones that keep getting mentioned slyly are N/T-17E. Is there something else you want to share with us pal?

Ben, sorry, can’t answer really. Not because we don’t want you to know exactly what we’re doing – we do – but it is necessary to keep competitors guessing.

Rafael, yes, I think that the “natural Clomid” product will probably have the same effect on ejaculatory volume as Clomid. The reason for thinking that is this. Clomid either increases ejaculatory volume directly via estrogenic or antiestrogenic activity at the prostate; or it does so indirectly via the LH or FSH increases it produces, when it produces these increases.

So how to tell which it is?

Well, if it were the direct effect, whether estrogenic or antiestrogenic, then the effect ought to occur when on-cycle. It does not. The effect occurs ONLY when LH and FSH are not otherwise suppressed. So I do not think it is direct effect, but indirect (via LH or FSH.)

So does the effect occur as a result of LH, or
FSH? I think it is not LH, because if it were, HCG should give this effect but it does not. So by process of elimination, I bet that it is Clomid’s property of increasing FSH that yields the increased ejaculatory volume.

And the “natural Clomid” product contains substances known to increase FSH. So it may be effective for this purpose.

Which is good – there’s an ego element to this as obviously you know. :slight_smile: