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Systematic Protocol Testing Log

Amen to that.

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Thank you, I appreciate that coming from you, I have a lot of respect for the depth of the research you do.

2.5 weeks into 80mg 2x/week (160mg/week) protocol (4.5 weeks with the two initial weeks at 70mg 2x/week).

Physically the difference is starting to become obvious. I’m definitely putting on muscle and getting stronger. Several people have commented completely unprompted on my changes, including the girl I’m sleeping with who has no idea I’m taking Test. It’s apparently so blatant she can’t stop mentioning it.

Mentally I’m not feeling the focus and calm confidence I felt initially, I’m starting to procrastinate again and lose myself in my head. I also get aggravated by small things the way I did in the last few years, and I’m not as driven as I was for a bit at the beginning of TRT.

I think I’m definitely feeling highs and lows on 2x/week. Yesterday before my evening shot I was feeling particularly weak minded. More whiny and feeling sorry for myself, it was very noticeable.
Still my plan is to finish 80mg 2x/week for another 5.5 weeks, then try the same dose with ED injections to compare, and then try much less (18mg/day) and much more (26mg/day).

On a good note, libido is definitely up. Not what it was when I was 18yo, but maybe what it was when I was 34-35yo, so still a clear improvement.

To clarify 80 mg 2x 160 total a week?