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syringes & Tokyo

Hi All,

does anyone know how to obtain syringes in Japan? its illegal to import them - as i found out the hard way.

any help would be appreciated.


it is illegal to import steroids too i am sure. just do what we all do at times. use the net. i have mine shipped right to my doorstep. easy as that. since i have never been to tokyo, i am speculating.

thanks for the reply, but not that simple drago1… cant simply order syringes over the net… chances are they will be stopped by customs in japan.

from what i can tell (and i am sure t-forum members living in japan will correct me if i am wrong), syringes are considered really bad, ie syringes = hard drugs/yakuza etc. On the other hand, steroids, whilst not legal, do not have the same illegal-connotations as syringes. i have even been told that it is pretty simple to bring in steroids - customs generally wont mind. not sure if this is true though.

anyway, if anyone knows of a way to obtain syringes locally in tokyo, i would appreciate it.

maybe order the actual syringe seperate from the pins and have them shipped seperately. beyond that i guess your stuck with all orals. sucks for you if thats the case. and i thought the US customs where fucked up. the drugs are ok through japanese customs but the harmless needles are not? wtf. thats like legalizing automatic weapons again, but banning the bullets.