Syringes are Late, Need to Pin Today

My delivery of syringe is running late but I need to pin today. I am on my 4th week of Test E cycle. Can I re-use the cylinder and the plunger after boiling them as a sanitizing process? I have brand new pins that I will be using to draw the test and pin myself.

While I have never recommended it to others, since who knows what people might do, personally I usually re-use syringes. I just run 91% isopropyl alcohol through them a few times (including pouring IPA into them from the back when the plunger is all the way down) and let sit for a few minutes filled with IPA on the last time through. Never had a problem.

And I do all that only if for whatever reason I hadn’t wrapped them with aluminum foil prior to storing them. If I did, then I give just one rinse.

As for boiling, I don’t know if the plastic would undergo a dimensional change from that or not, or whether it would be acceptable to the rubber of the plunger.

farm supply stores generally sell 22ga x 1" they will work in a pinch…of course i have no idea if you have such a store in your area

Don’t boil anything. That will not sterilize it.

If you absolutely have to reuse something just reuse the most recently used barrel. Once it has been used it will never be sterile again (I don’t think you have an autoclave or a gamma radiation thing or whatever they use for that). Water will only increase the chance of introducing pathogens.

I don’t recommend reusing in the first place.

It is only fair to point out that having utter sterility as the only acceptable state is neglecting the fact that the surface of the skin is not sterile even after being wiped with an alcohol pad.

A procedure such as I described will I’m sure leave less viable bacteria – possibly none, but not necessarily absolute zero – than will be picked up by the needle as it punctures the skin.

Anyway I’ve done it for years.

Still, because one never knows what other people will do, like you I don’t, literally speaking, recommend it to people.

Thank guys…this is probbaly just for tonight. My shipment is coming in tomorrow. I just don’t want to delay my pin schedule by one day. I will go with the IPA method that Bill described unless I get a better recomendation.

With test E, you’ll be fine waiting until tomorrow to pin.

Would waiting like 12 hours really be that bad?

I would wait, I don’t play with infection risks

[quote]G.I. Joe Galway wrote:
With test E, you’ll be fine waiting until tomorrow to pin.[/quote]

yeah Roger, wait a day its enenthate.

Thanks Guys…I waited. My delivery came in as well.