Syringe Suction

Do any of you guys have recommendations for low wastage needles and syringes with good suction?

I’m currently on my thrid batch of syringes.
I have used a 25 gauge needle throughout all the batches.
The first syringe I used was a 3ml BD had no issues. Wastage was around 0.05ml in the needle.
I decided I needed a 1ml syringe to be more accurate with my dosage, since I was only injecting 0.25ml at the time.

So I ordered the Easy-Touch 1ml luer lock syringes

Well I never knew the suction could be so worthless. And syringes had a very flimsy plastic cheap feel to them, the barrel felt like it could either break or bend easily. Wastage was still 0.05ml.

Next up was the BD 1ml slip tip syringe.

Now these feel much more sturdy, The barrel doesn’t feel like it would bend anymore, and the suction is slightly better than the 1ml Easy-Touch syringe, but not as good as the 3ml BD syringe. I would have thought that these being BD brand would be just on par with the 3ml BD syringes, they have maybe 50-60% of teh suction as the 3ml. Strange. Also not a fan of the slip-tip, much rather prefer the luer-lock. Wastage was 0.08ml ish.

Obviously the syringes would be the priority.

All comments and suggestions would be much appreciated.

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You are experiencing the differences in force as illustrated by hydraulic principles. The brand isn’t an issue here. You have a significantly greater diameter plunger in a 3ml, so you generate sigificantly greater force. If your 1ml was super short but of equal diameter it it would produce the same force over the shortened distance as the 3ml does. Zero waste is going to require using the airlock method of injection, but the suction complaints indicate you also would prefer a better a load time. I don’t have the patience to fool with drawing into a 29ga or 27ga syringe, they’re not meant to draw something as viscous as oil. I use a 23ga draw and backfill a handful of them at a time.

Thank you.

That does seem interesting. Wish I could draw up correctly, then backifilling would be easier.
But anyways thanks for the explanation.

I see would I can do.

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