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Syringe Safety - Leaching


Is anyone else concerned about how many chemicals could leach out of the Polypropylene syringe barrel or the elastomer stopper? The reason I ask is that my Doc prefilled my hcg syringes again and I have a real problem with having a benzyl alcohol solvent in contact with those two plastics for 60 days and then injecting it into me.

My job is a design engineer who works with plastics every single day and I am constantly amazed at the variations in resins even from the same manufacturer. We can go a whole year without any problems in testing and then out of the blue we fail testing because of pthalates or other plasticizers being way out of range.

Granted, I do not make make medical devices and I'm sure that every batch of resin is tested prior to molding, but I still have issues. All plastics will leach something given enough time and that is greatly accelerated in the presence of a solvent.

I found a couple of small studies on the subject, but none of them specifically included the bacteriostatic compounds used in our trt meds.

Another reason I hate the prefilled thing, is that I am currently in love with the .3cc 31g syringes. They take a while to fill and I get a lot more alcohol boiling with the cypionate, but I can barely feel them going in.



I know there are mixed opinions on the subject - but I thought once mixed hCG was only good for 30 days.

You do bring up an interesting point though.


If kept in a fridge hCG is good for 90-days. Why don't you just learn how to fill your own syringes? Easy enough...


I guess I should have made myself more clear... The doc prefilled against my wishes. Only the second time in a year. I'm pretty comfortable with all that crazy math involved in mixing my own :wink:

There are other studies available that deal with the leaching problem actually rendering some medicines ineffective. None that deal with hcg that I have found, but I would venture a guess that says the hcg will last longer in the glass vial than in PP syringes.