Syringe Plungers Soaking Up Testosterone

Had some blood work done and my T was at 545. It didn’t make sense because I was on .4ml/2x/week.

Hallendale sends needles that have a little tip on the plunger to apparently push everything out. I prep all my syringes for about a month so they are available. I pulled one out and noticed that little tip soaks up the T and gets bigger so when I go to inject instead of injecting .4ml, I might be injecting .3 or even .2ml. Has anyone noticed this before? Until I get new needles I’m going to have to prep the needles each time.

That minimal amount is not going to significantly affect your labs. #truth

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What does .4ml mean? You don’t list what your taking. What is the concentration of your test? What kind of test is it? Blend/Prop/enanth/cyp?

200mg/ml Cypionate

Get Easy Touch insulin syringes, no dead space design. Non dead-space designed syringes will always have left over test wasted.

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Here is what I’m talking about. notice the size difference. the one on the left absorbed and expanded so you can’t get the full injection. Also notice the plunger not going all the way down because of this. I thought it was interesting.

A ridiculous syringe! Easy Tough insulin syringes have less than a 10th of that rubber stopper.

You won’t even be able to see any visible wasted test, even tough a tiny, tiny amount is left in the actual syringe. Typical syringes waste .1 ml per injection, that 1 ml per 10 injections.

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You mean like the insulin syringes? When I look up Easy touch, that’s what comes up.

Yes that’s correct. Easy touch is a great brand and quality product.