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Syringe/Needle Suggestions


Since syringes/needles are legal to buy, I'm looking for brand suggestions or a place anyone knows of that I can get BD Precision glide ones. Right now I'm using Exel and they're fucking worthless shit that's not even worth the .001 cent worth of plastic they're made from.

Apparently you can't buy directly from BD precision for some reason, but that's usually what the pharmacies carry. I can't get them at pharmacies in this state- couldn't tell you why. It always seems to be up to their discretion and they want to know everything down to your neighbor's dog's name and then after all of that they realize they only have 18g or insulin needles.

Here's some ass (in b4 #NBHNC):


Ive started buying my syringes on amazon...they are dirt cheap and you can get a feel for the supplier through the feedback on the site...did a quick search for the brand you listed and this came up:


Fuck yes dude, that's exactly what I needed. Thanks so much. LOL, I can't believe you can get this on Amazon, that is amazing.


Gpzservices.net(maybe ".com" not 100% sure?)


Lots of people say GPZ is good. The pharmacist in my town at this little family owned place asked me what I was using them for (to make sure I was getting the right kind) and I said "B 12 shots"... he was like "You don't need 21g to draw that, and then 25g to inject, you can use an insulin pin"... I was like "oh, well...ummmm" and before I could think of something he bagged up what I asked for, rang me up, said "enjoy your B12 shots" and winked at me. Nicest old man ever. haha


Hahahahah by far one of the best stories I've ever heard. Gotta love geriatrics.
But yeah, gpz is where I get all my stuff. Hassle free and literally ship in less than a week.