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Syringe/Needle Backloading for TRT?

Hey guys ,
after reading the stickies for injections and several threads, I would use a 29g 0.5 ml 1/2" insulin syringe for injecting. My questions regarding drawing and injecting :slight_smile:

  1. Should I draw with bigger needles and change to 29 gauge for injecting or can I back load the insulin syringe ? Because as far as I now you can’t switch needles on an insulin syringe.

  2. Would a 1ml syringe be more reasonable for doses like 0,2ml to 0,25ml ?

  3. 1/2 inch ( 12mm ) needle sufficient for TRT purposes or even smaller for IM inejctions ? I’m a bit “scared” of SC because some guys saying they got little, oily lumps above their abs.


Yes you get temporary bumps when you inject in your abs. Solution, inject in leg, the love handles are good as well. But the bumps are temporary and not a big deal no one else can see them. I think the big concerns about that are coming from body builders who are doing serious gear. They inject a lot more at a time than we do. they would get golf ball sized lumps compared to our peas

You can draw with a 29g it is just slow. If you do not mind wasting another syringe you can back fill. I find the 29g 1/2 to be a great choice, its only draw back is a very slow draw and a slowish injection

Alright. Yeah wasting another syringe is kinda dumb but I saw people using syringes and just change the needle. What’s the highest gauge syringe you can get with changeable needles ?

  1. never, not needed, wastes T, creates opportunity for contamination, waste of $$

  2. no, reduces hydraulic pressure and increases injection times, also less accurate

  3. yes for IM and SC, depends on how lean you are

Some get lumps SC in belly fat and not SC upper legs, and some vise-verse. It is important for you to find out what works for you, little else matters.

This is a bit general. Anything more specific to your case needs to be in your other thread: Dizzy/Off Balance Feeling. Low Test, Hypothyroidism

I do backload a 29 gauge 1/2 inch insulin syringe because I am somewhat needle-phobic and want to inject with the sharpest needle possible.

But I will try a few injections without backloading. Maybe it will be OK for me. I’ll see.

You may find that the skin over the upper legs has the lowest sensitivity.

Once you get past the skin, there seems to be no sensation penetrating fat or muscle.

Insulin needles have been refined over many years to be least painful.

Hundreds of millions inject insulin. You can manage, its really mostly about what is in your head. I simply adjusted my mental attitude. :+1:


Alright so I’ll draw and inject with same needle. I’m fairly lean, around 10% bf. Especially legs are really lean so not much skin fat to go through there. Will start with 1/2" and see how that works.

So you can do IM, but please try subq to avoid a life time of needle damage to muscles,


I’ll do. Just wondering, how often should I get labs in the beginning of TRT when finding my dose vs later when everything is fine ?
And also , is the 2x50mg per week a general guideline here that works for most or do some need even more than 100mg/week ?

The best outcomes are for high-normal TT and FT. Some are T hyper-metabolizes who need about 300mg/week and the effective half-life is shorter too and EOD injections are then needed. In that case, AI requirements are driven by serum T levels and not the T dose.

Some simply do T EOD to be in harmony with hCG EOD.

100mg T per week yields ~70mg T after ester groups are removes, 10mg/day which is ~T production rate in young virile males.