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Syringe Leaked?


This morning when I gave myself my shot (test enanthate, 250 mg) I had oil all over my hand afterwards. It was in my glute so I have limited vision from that angle and I wasn't sure where the leak came from.

I figure it was just a faulty syringe, so I loaded up another shot (new syringe/needle of course) and the second time was fine. Has this ever happened to anyone else here?

Hopefully I got a little bit in the first time, it feels like such a waste...


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Bushy, that reminds me of a post a long time back when this guy said something similar happened to him, and he had his girlfriend washing his eyes with shampoo. Now that I think about it, maybe it was you, haha.

Syringe/needle combos that just come out of the package don't have the needles tightly attached to the syringe. They are only tightened like 75% of the way so they don't fall off. I'm sure you would have noticed this while sucking up the juice. Either way, make sure the needle is tightly screwed on (the Leur Lock system, as Bushy said).


Thanks Bushy, that's good stuff to know about changing needles. That's another one to put in the steroid newbie thread. I guess I was lucky that at least I didn't get a facial, lol! Good story. I'm buying luer-lock from now on.


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More good stuff I should know, I feel like I should be taking notes.