Syringe Illusion or More?

So every time i dose I fill my .5cc insulin syringe up to the 17 mark with hcg i then draw another 20 mark of Test into it bringing me to 37. The issue is you can clearly see where they divide even though they are both clear. Problem is even though I’m at 37 it looks like the test is only filled to like 15-17 depending on the day. Now there is an obvious overlap where the oil has a round slug with the bac water kind of surrounds. However sometimes its so far away from where it should be that i dont think it can be just an illusion. At first i thought the vacuum from my 2nd draw of the test was expanding the bac. Water/hcg but that just doesnt seem plausible to me. What does seem more likely to me would be the other non oil additives in the test, dispersing into the water as they meet causing the hcg slug to gain size. Now if this is the case could i be under/overdosing myself by basically disolving this stuff into the hcg and pushing oil back into the bottle with less additives causing me to actually have a) either hcg with lot of aditives and a smaller amount of oil. B)then towards the bottom of the test vial i would be getting oil that is stronger because most of the additives have been soaked up by hcg leaving just oil and ester. Hopefully this makes sense to someone and they can either offer up an explanation or their experience. Im eod now so i may have to just start seperating them and alternating back and forth ED. I mixed them initially in an effort to reduce test loss to 0.

Don’t take this the wrong way but your spending way to much time thinking about this. If it is something that really bothers you which it seems it might just pin them separately. Iv always read not to mix hcg and test. Personally idk because I don’t use hcg but it can’t be that difficult to just fill 2 pins.


Simple question just wondering if anyone had an intelligent anwser. Not losing sleep over it or anything but I would be nice to know I’m not possibly losing like 22% of my weekly dose with labs coming up soon, and not have to double my pins. Plus I’m an inquisitive mind I like to know why and how things work. I’m not a person that is satisfied with “because i said so”

dude, if you’re drawing test, from a test bottle, from 17 to 37 you’re drawing 20 of TEST.
Stop overthinking it


I’ll post a pic next injection then you can tell me to stop over thinking it. I’m getting to the bottom of thth bottle and labd are coming up if I have been injecting hcg inflated with the oils additives and pushing extra concentrated test back into the vial a moderately observant person would speculate that all thats left in the vial is test that would be like 22% more concentrated. What does that mean? Higher values on my labs perhaps? Lowered dose after consultation? I realize this is pharma and alot of guys are all about not testing anything and just filling the works up with a quick eyeball and shoot it but i cant operate that way right now if its going to fuck up my next script. Sorry i asked something of substance that might get people thinking. Like i said before its not the end of the world and im not obsessing. I was bored and figured id see if anyone had anything to offer. I will most likely double up pins and open a new vial until labs are done.

Then again, I would suggest doing what most guys on the pharma form have suggested in the past. Pin oil base and water base separately

Your post is what you consider something of “substance” ? Sounds like you are obsessing, anxiety, or something. Only thing it got me thinking is your E2 might be high. IF the math is right and you are not experiencing any negative symptoms then you are worrying for nothing.

No your right it was just a simple question at first basically out of bordom while riding an exercise bike with a broken tv. But now you guys have me thinking about just blacking out the whole syringe and just winging it every time. It will make my blood work more exciting having absolutely zero idea what dosage gave me those results.

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Yolo bro.

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This is when the real gains begin.

Lol exercise bike

I use the elliptical and bike for cardio. Got bad knees and can’t run. I also tore both of my shoulders at work a few years back and one is still fucked up so im not a big gym rat just trying to stay healthy. I have 3 kids a career and on my 2nd wife. I have about 1 hour a day I can get away without causing too many problems at home.

Bro plz understand I’m just messing with you. Cardio is cardio I don’t care if you get it by aggressively jerking off.

Joking is just part of my character try not to take it to heart.

But I was picturing me on a bike. I’d probably look like one of those circus bears riding the little bike😂

Im Just explaining my situation. I only posted in here for more eyes. I’m on TRT and just started in the gym like a month an a half ago. Took a few months to get myself to join once I realized i had the energy to do it.Prior to getting on Test i would just get home from work and pass out.