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Syringe Confusion, Doubled Dose. Bloodwork Timing Help?

Hi Everyone,

29years old, 180lbs, 6’2"

I have a question with regards to the following situation and timing my bloodwork. A brief history, I have had Crohn’s disease for quite some time now I have spent approximately 40-50 days in the hospital over the past 5 years trying to deal with it. Additionally, I was previously a competitive natural bodybuilder and during that 5 year span, somehow managed to get back into competing at the professional level.

Once I was done competing, I reverse dieted, kept the training, but continued dealing with my Crohn’s issues. Actually went to the hospital the day after my last show. During the entire 5 year period, my libido was non-existent, my depression continued to worsen, and I just felt like a walking zombie. This progressively worsened about 2 years after “hanging up” the posing trunks.

Over the past few years, I have been to hospitalization programs for depression and suicidal tendencies, tons of medications, and even more health issues (due to my Crohn’s medications).

Eventually I stumbled across someone going through similar issues and it turned out to be low testosterone as the cause. So, I decided to have mine checked 3 different times over a 5 month period. All three tests came back just slightly varying in results:

TT: 77 ng/dl
FT: 1 ng/dl

Ranges used at Kaiser:
TT: 240-870 ng/dl
FT: 7.0-36 ng/dl

My question is, I have been on TRT weekly for 12 weeks at 100mg and moved to 60mg twice weekly injections of Test Cyp using an insulin syringe for the past 3 weeks. However, I completely screwed up and the numbers on the insulin syringe threw me off. Instead of using 60mg, I was filling to 60 on the fill line which comes to 120mg twice a week… I won’t even tell you my career because I am a highly analytical person by trait so I can’t even explain this mistake.

I am going to get back to the protocol and do the assigned 60mg (filling to the 30), but how long will it take to get my levels back down? I don’t want to do the new labs and have crazy high numbers from this dumb*ss mistake.

I will say, on the prior numbers, I was feeling much better, but not consistently. Definitely an improvement from the past few years and my libido had finally begun to resurface. Over the past 3 weeks, everything has improved drastically. The sleep has gotten better, my mood has gotten better, and my libido is finally seemingly normal. Regardless, i want to stick to the protocol and I want to get my numbers down to have lab results that are being expected… any input?

Probably two weeks, depends on how fast you metabolize it though. Maybe 3.

Given my last dose was Saturday, I am scheduled to do another dose today. Would it be best to skip today and just do Labs this coming Saturday?

Essentially making it a lab test at the trough time for a 1x weekly injection of 120mg?

Or would my levels still be too elevated from doing this for 3 weeks?

I would not skip a dose. Levels will jump around too much

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Can u take a pic of the syringe and post it ? Is there 1-10 on it with 10 being 1ml ?

Exactly right

Ok :+1:t2:

Bump for additional input


Accidental double dose 120mg test cyp 2x per week

Back to normal dose of 60mg 2x per week

How long to wait for blood work to ensure I come back at the expected levels?

Are you doing tests for yourself or is the doc wanting you to do them?

I’d try to wait at least 2-3 weeks, 4-5 would be better

There are some steroid calculators online where you could put all of this in and see when you should be back to stable levels. Obviously everyone is different and it won’t be perfect but should at least give you a good estimate