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Syringe Brands Measurements Off

I have BD ultra sharp .5cc and easytouch 1cc. I have been backfilling the 1ccs and just realized that 40units in the .5cc only fills the 1cc to like 31 units. Thats a big difference when dosing eod. Anyone else experience this?

?? No, but I don’t use the .5 ever.

Im just kind of suprissed and pissed cause i have been shorting every injection. Just got bloods done yesterday. I dont know if its the brand or size or both thats creating the inconsistencies.

I’m pissed off for you. That’s pretty serious. What if that was your insulin being screwed up?

Now I’m real confused. I replicated the short with peptides like 5 times but it was with the same .5 filling 1s. Now I just shot a prefilles T syringe .5 into a 1 and it was almost spot on. I wonder if I just got a bad one? Either way i think im done with the .5s or I will just overfil them a little