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Can someone tell me what Syria has done to capture our Bush’s attention. I know that supposedly they have weapons of mass destruction, and supposedly they harbor terrorists. Aside from those two things, is this just Bush’s fettish coming out? Iraq had a ver valid reason for being invaded. But Syria? What happened to North Korea?

Nothing says we are going to invade Syria, except overzealous reporters. But the Administration wants Syria to sweat a little. Right now Syria is convinced that if we feel it is necessary to go to war we will. This fear is very powerful, and may help influence them to do the right thing. Not only deal with the terrorism problem, and the WMD, but also to give us any Iraqi leaders that are in hiding there.

We just turned off an illegal pipeline from Iraq to Syria. I doubt there will be military action against Syria, but I see some diplomatic positioning. Britain does not back us as much on this, and Syria has helped out with some Al Qaeda terrorists, but even Chirac has said that they should not harbor former Iraqi leaders.

Well Syria has been helping and may be harboring Iragis that we want. You are either with us or against us. And nobody said we were about to go to war with Syria. I believe Bush said the exact opposite a couple of days ago.

“Aside from those two things…”
You’re right, what’s a little anthrax between friends?
Are you serious?

The USA didn’t have a valid reason for invading Iraq. Sure, they violated UN resolutions, but they’re hardly the only one. The US’s military base on the Mediterranean, Israel, has violated lots more. The easiest way though, to violate a resolution is to veto it. & the USA is far in the lead for vetoing UN resolutions, including one that required all UN nations to observe international law.

You are absolutely right 13. Bush has this perverted fetish about terroristic despots having biochemicals that can be easily released in your home town. No big deal. He ought to get off his high horse and let these poor people develop even more powerful WMD. In fact, let’s give them some nuclear capabilities too. Impeach Bush for wanting to protect our homeland. The guy’s gotta go. He is ruining America. By the way, let me know when the destined invasion of Syria begins. I don’t want to miss the war whore, Christian Amanpour, on CNN in action again.

If a Iraq has a highschool biology lab, it’s probably got the capacity to make biological weapons, so the USA would have to destroy the whole country to make sure they dodn’t have any. Same with a chemical weapon. Iraq has a university chem lab somewhere, so they’ve got the capacity to make those too. A nuclear weapon is different. Those are much easier to detect. & if Iraq wanted to make one & use it as deterrent, etc everyone, especially everyone WITHIN IRAQ’S REACH (ie middle east), would be scared but they weren’t. (no they weren’t) There’s no reason for having a nuke if it’s hidden away & nobody knows about it.

There is if you do not want to use it as a deterent but as a pre-emptive strike.

A game of chicken is riskier than it sounds with Syria because they are subject to very substanbtial internal and regional audience costs. If they are seen as capitualting to US demands, their own people and neighboors will see them as weak and/or bitches of the US and this has the potential to undermine their regime. Capitualting to any US demands would severely alienate the regime from both its own people and its military. They aren’t in a really great position to cooperate with the US even if they actually gave a shat about it.

Thanks for the answers, but I think all of you took my question as a dissent against our current actions in the Middle East. I am for Bush’s campaign of ridding the world of WMD’s and terrorists. One thing I am not is some tree-hugging hippie out in the street protesting a war that should have been completed 12 years ago in Bush senior’s campaign. I was just a little in the dark about the Syria talks, and I apologize for using the word “fetish” in my former post and anything else I said that may have sent you over the deep end.

 Dynosaur, Bush is applying diplomatic pressure on Syria, as they are known to be harboring iraqi government refugees, possibly Saddam and his sons. Syria is also suspected of being used to hid Iraq's WMD.

 North Korea, thank God, seems to be willing to concede a bit. They agreed to multilateral talks which will be hosted by China this week. 

 There is a chance we'll still see a war with Korea, although I think its a rather dim one.

 I very seriously doubt we'll get into a war with Syria. I'd say slim to none.

 Quite honestly, I dont foresee any wars for a while after we're done with Iraq. 

Where exactly, in Syria, are the Iraqis & their weapons of mass destruction?

If I tell you, I am going to have to kill you.
Best of Luck.

You know that 7-11 on Elm street? They’re right behind it!

Avoids Roids wrote:
You are absolutely right 13. Bush has this perverted fetish about terroristic despots having biochemicals that can be easily released in your home town.

Unless of course it’s Israel, then it’s OK - as the US is propping them up.

It’s OK if it’s Britain as they’re the US’s rent boy and they wouldn’t do nothing to the good ole US since Britain, as an international power ain’t worth anything these days.

China is allowed evil WMD’s because it’s possible they’d kick the US’ butt or at least provide legitimate opposition in a war - and economically speaking China is the last Frontier for Amway.

What about the US? Can’t attack ourselves, we’re the good guys? That Anthrax scare was just an aberration.

Simple Answer? Attack Canada - Say has chemical weapons…get him!!!

Sadaam and his cronies are in a small town outside Demascus called Ideologueville. They are staying in the basement of the fifth house on the right of Naive Avenue. I’d give you the GPS coordiantes, but I’m scared that some baby-killing, country destroying, imperialist leader will target those fine examples of humanity with a bomb. I’m surprised you have to ask for their location since it has always been so simple to locate them. The Husseins are not at all secretive or clandestine about their activities. Actually they tend to advertise their whereabouts because folks like them so much.

My friend here in D.C., Ak Assad, has an uncle who’s a cab driver in Demascus and will gladly take you to this spot for a couple of French Francs (the preferred currency of most dictators in the Middle East). Then you can can hang out with your good friends and throw darts at your evil war mongering neighbors to the south, who by proxy allow you next to zero defense costs.

Some people amaze me with nearsightedness. 6 months ago North Korea was hell bent on escalation. Magically, they did a 180 two days ago. Wonder why? Syria is just as backwards as Iraq, after all they are the original Baathist regime. Iraq modeled their rule after the Syrian model. Aside from that, Syria has been the country club for the largest terror groups in the world for decades. In the terror circel, you’re nobody unless you wine and dine with the other “executives” from Islamic Jihad, Hamas, PLO, Al Qaeda, and many other less recognizable names.

Syria is very similar to North Korea in that war will most likely not be necessary. Many of the dictatorships don’t operate with rationalle. It is a fact of psychology that one cannot rationalize with an irrational person. Culturally, middle east peoples in power react to displays of strength not words.

In the world of international politics it is absolutely necessary to marry contextual factors to principle. History has made fools of those who ignore this fact.

Idealism untempered by reality is the height of foolishness.

Let’s see if I understand everything, the US had no reason to invade Iraq even though they trained the terrorists that hit the World Trade Center. (Do we need to post those links again?) It was illegal because of the UN, even though it states that we can take action unless the UN specifically tells us to stop, and the connection to terrorist attacks and a nations self defense supercedes the UN.

Everyone near Iraq had absolutely no fear about Iraq even though they attacked 5 different countries, and with all the defectors from Iraq who were in prominent positions stating that Iraq not only had chemical weapons, but was real close to producing a nuke, and the fact that Saddam Hussein would pay the families of suicide bombers for blowing up little children, no I don’t see anyone fearing Iraq.

Interestingly we are supposed to know where in Syria the Iraqi officials are hiding, as if any one of us is a CIA agent. Tell me where the nukes are in North Korea and I will tell you where the Iraqi leaders are in Syria, and all the WMD too.

Everyone keeps bringing up Israel, why? They have defiantly done some less then honorable things, but it is nothing compared to what they go through. They keep trying to negotiate peace, even a few years ago they offered the Palestinians 95% of what they requested. Yasser Aafat said no, sent in a few more suicide bombers to kill some children, and then went off to get his Nobel Peace Prize. Ok, so Israel is not perfect, but they are nothing compared to these terrorist countries, although all the web sites out there that seem to secretly be pro Nazi would have you think otherwise. They just made another offer to the Palestinians recently.

As far as China, they are not a big threat, and capitalism is slowly “infecting” them. If you haven’t noticed everything we buy seems to be manufactured in China, so their economy is really supported by America. Plus while we could win a war with them, it would be a very nasty one. We still have possibility of more peaceful relations with them. Diplomacy is not dead.

Anthrax? You do know that it is not that hard to get Anthrax. It does not just come from a lab, it can be found if nature if you know where to look. The US does not use anthrax for attacking people, but for research. Mostly to combat and treat anthrax. The big difference is that we don’t use it. Some nutcase used it here, and while it probably was an American, it still could have been a foreign terrorist.

Attack Canada? I can hear the international community now. “What’s Canada?” Say would be too hard to find, there are a lot of communist bookstores in Canada. But Canada is our friend, even though they have spies here. (It’s true, but then again so does almost every country.)

I agree that the US should bend over backward to avoid any war. But we should never have to bend over forward.

Iscariot, I think you forgot about the qualifier “terroristic despots” in my statement to 13 that you quoted:

“Bush has this perverted fetish about terroristic despots having biochemicals that can be easily released in your home town.”

The countries that you mention are run, at least in my opinion, by ‘relatively’ sane and intelligent human beings.

However, your idea of attacking Canada to rid Say of his chemical weapons does have some legitimacy and I shall bring it up at Easter dinner with GW. Mrs. Roids is preparing a special dish of roasted kosher Syrian cojones brazed lightly over burning first editions of Huckleberry Finn. We had planned on having North Korean cojones but that market seems to have shriveled up to jelly bean size cojonitos lately. :slight_smile:

Sure Iraq invaded other countries, but a month ago, in 2003, nobody in the region felt that Iraq was a threat. Not even Kuwait or Iran. & it wasn’t Iraq who trained the 9/11/01 terrorists, but that people are convinced that they did is a testament to the quality of the USA’s propaganda system. A couple days after 9/11/01 didn’t only ~2% of Americans think Iraq was responsible? & now more than 1/2 think Iraq was? In the 80s, didn’t Reagen declare a national emergency because the Nicaraguans were invading & were a 2-day march from DC? What happened with that? Once again, the USA’s propaganda machinery has worked wonders on you people.

Say, that reminds me of the comic strip BLOOM COUNTY. “AAAAHHHH!!! It’s the red hoard knocking on our southern door.”