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Syria - Situation and Policy


Well, it's looking like things in Syria are going to get worse before they get better. I thought PWI might like a thread specifically about Syria to use as news comes up and especially if/as the regime falls.

What do you think of the situation? What you you think of the US's policy? What about your own county's policy toward Syria? Should "the west" do anything else or anything different?


I support the French humanitarian corridor proposal. Unfortunately I think there's going to be a lot of fighting throughout the Shia crescent.

A lot depends on what Russia does as they are backing Syria. I haven't been following things closely and I don't know the extent of the Russian delegation's influence on the Syrian regime. The defections are a good sign though.


Animal Assad kills 100+ civilians in the last 48 hours:

'An activist with the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Tuesday that troops surrounded and attacked civilians, including activists, in the village of Kafruwed in Idlib province. In one instance, the London-based group said that security forces beheaded the leader of a local mosque.'




Twin suicide attacks in Syria blamed on al-Qaeda - Assad false flag operation?


Praying for the people of Syria. Assad seems like a real nutcase. I've only seen a couple of clips from that interview he did, but my god does he sound delusional.


Assad is delusional but Syria has been nationalistic oligarchic sabre-rattling rather than the Islamic sabre-rattling, which is still nasty but preferable... I think there is a lot of worry that in outing Assad, the revolutionaries will ally themselves with islamic revolutionaries and feritiliser will start hitting the fan a la Iran 1979/Egypt 2011.

Assad needs to go though he is a truly nasty piece of work.




Not really an accurate description in my opinion. Assad's regime(Alawite faction - Shia offshoot) has been closely aligned with Iran, Hezbollah and other Shia Islamist groups. Iran's advanced terrorism training has always been co-sponsored by Assad with training camps in Syria and the Bekaa Valley. Syria smuggled the explosives used in the Khobar Towers bombings into Saudi Arabia for example.

The Arab League will oust him anyway and back the Sunnis. If NATO forces are on the ground we can try to keep a balance between the factions like we were doing in Iraq. Of course the moment we left Iraq Maliki issued an arrest warrant for the leading Sunni politician and is attempting a Shia takeover. Pulling forces out of Iraq was another MAJOR foreign policy blunder by the Obama administration.


"Syria Is Melting"