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Syria, Here We Go Again


A minimum of people want those. They have highjacked the will of the people through a political system that is corrupt to the point of being the antithesis of any sort of common sense or morality.

Thinking people, who are not blinded by greed nor a desire to sleepwalk through life in a drugged haze, do not want this.


I’m pretty sure Isreal has us beat on that.


Ehhhh. Maybe in level of background check.

Bet on their best day, our LEO force is easily 50x the size, and 2000x the cost.

That damn supply side driven drug trade.


Those who make the decisions don’t measure cost in terms of blood but money. Most of these politicians and businessmen see their fellow citizens in the military as morons and cannon fodder.


I don’t comprehend your attitude for thinking the illicit drug trade is anything less than a blight on society. But l suppose you also don’t care about those in your own family/friends have destroyed their lives and those around them. Well at least you can be in arms over the 8 year old that the CBP has ‘murdered’. Damn Trump and Christians killed him.

And @loppar seriously? You are from/work an area of the world where violence, drugs, and murderous tyrants have drained the humanity out of the people. But keep bitching about America every chance you can. Maybe Croatia can save the world.


Calm the fuck down. I’m not disputing the devastating effect of drugs on the fabric of society, I’m just stating the fact that drug trafficking is a result of demand.

Now we can discuss peer pressure, deindustrialization and loss of blue collar jobs, escapism, societal factors, education, even the changing role of manhood in the modern world but the uncomfortable fact is that people like taking drugs for one reason or the other and are willing to pay for them. And this is where the suppliers come in.

Mexican cartels in North America and Montenegrin cartels in Europe are currently waging massive turf wars over billion dollar turnovers. Why? Because rich people hundreds of miles away from them like to do coke. Simple as that.


This is adorable. I just think it’s demand driven, like every economy in history.

Actually, apart from a couple coke heads when I was younger, none of my family members have caught the drug bug yet. I’m hot shit in WV these days.

I’ll be honest, haven’t even heard about this one. I don’t digest much news. But you’re probably right about it being Jesus and captain Cheetos fault. They’re like, literally Hitler.


TL;DR - best I can surmise is the 8 yr old kid was in a detention facility as per the policy. Some agent saw he had the sniffles, took him to the doctor’s. Doc says he has a cold, gives him meds for cold. On the way back to the facility, kid starts vomiting and loses consciousness. That’s the official story I’ve heard from NBC Nightly News. Either misdiagnosis from Doc or some other shit happened that wasn’t reported - thinking about it, possibly some adverse reaction to the meds … it’s not like these kids’ parents are also toting their medical history with them…


No wonder people are up in arms. Sounds like a cover story.

It’s never good to be the one driving when a kid dies. Bad PR for days. Now that you explain it, @treco was right, DEFINITELY blaming Trump and Christians for this one.


Sure, because it is statistically more dangerous to be in detention in the US getting professional medical assistance than to travel 1000 miles on foot, in unsantitary conditions, with a caravan of people with unknown diseases, and a kid that possibly has never been to any medical facility ever.

Fury - you are trolling it at a 1/10 level


Immigration is a big Shit Show that neither “side” is making better.


It was a joke mang (should have been obvious since YOU are the one who said it’s Trump and the Christians fault). You got all pissy about liberals again and claimed I didn’t care about America’s drug problem.

Can only use the hand I’m dealt. Lame whining gets lame trolling


We should start a war on drugs!!!


Nah that’s what the wall is for.

Nobody is going to be doing drugs when we stop all the Chinese fentanyl from flooding the market with our nifty Mexico wall.


Bro, you may not know it, but Richard Nixon did that. You can add it to the list of the United States’s post-1950 victories.


I knew Nixon was the man. An easily won victory I’m sure. Drugs have no chance against our military


Surely you’re not suggesting that when a high demand for something exists that suppliers will find a way to satisfy that demand?

The wall will be so effective against drugs you won’t even be able to score Tylenol. Best of all we aren’t paying for it.


Maybe if he said it could cut down on bump stocks-or even assault rifles-crossing the border, the Dems would get on board.


Haven’t you been listening? The drug trade is SUPPLY side driven. It is the unique aspect of any free market. Economists can’t figure it out to save their lives

Doubt it. Democrats got a MASSIVELY good response from being the Anti Trump people, in the exact way the GOP got a MASSIVELY good response from being the anti Obama people.

Plus the wall let them bait Trump into shutting down a govt that came to a bipartisan opinion. That means any Trump supporters being tagged by the shutdown recognize him as the bad guy right before Christmas.


Not just them. Western governments who decry the horrific situation of those under ISIS control seem to have a blindspot when it comes to Levantine Christians.