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Syria, Here We Go Again


Trump wasn’t in the picture when all this went down.


Any opinions about the troop pull out. Nice, Russia will now own Syria and it empowers Iran and Hezbollah. Turkey will probably strike at the Kurds.


Love it. Also, finally something significantly and definitely different from what his election opponent would have done.


Actually, Afghanistan is the real quagmire. US operations in Syria are very cheap and very limited with only a token presence on the ground, mostly to deter the Turks from killing Kurds.

Kurds are doing the brunt of the fighting against ISIS, dying in thousands while the US troops only suffered two fatalities, less than in the Niger delta.

It’s pretty clear this is MBS’s plan to save ISIS - Turks and their Al-Qaeda allies will push from the north while ISIS will hold ground in the south catching the Kurds in a pincer movement.

As Erdogan brags that it was he who convinced The Donald to pull back troops, expect to see again in the news pictures of black wags atop white Toyotas. I can’t even imagine how Mattis must have felt after Trump told him how Erdogan helped him “explain stuff”




That was two too many.


Agreed, but it’s better if radicalized Dagestanis die in Syria than stab civilians in the streets of Paris or New York.

I was against the US invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan and they’ve been a colossal waste of money and American lives but US deployment in Syria is the best bang for your buck in terms of killing Salafis.


Not really that different; the Kurds are getting screwed once again.


Throughout history, Kurds have been renowned for being tough fighters (Saladin of the Crusade fame was a Kurd), much more hardworking than Arabs (Chobani yogurt anyone?) and being able to hold a grunge.

Erdogan: Don’t worry, Donald…We’ll take care of ISIS…by providing them armor support.


Why does it need to be the U S. in Syria? If it means more terrorists in European cities, why can’t France, Germany, etc spill their own blood to defend themselves?


French troops are on the ground in Syria fighting alongside Americans, for example.

I didn’t know there’s an invisible wall that prevents Salafi propaganda from crossing the Atlantic.


Working on it. Mexico is waiting for the next paycheck to come in and they will pay for that wall as well


They are. They are also in Afghanistan and troops from Europe were in Iraq with us in spite of that being America’s war.


AQI gets beat to death -> U.S. leaves power vacuum -> ISIS emerges.

ISIS gets beat to death -> U.S. leaves power vacuum -> …

Something about learning from history, oh sorry, history isn’t covered on Fox.


Are they so incompetent they can’t keep ISIS in check without U.S. troops? Where’s the U.N. in all of this? Again, why does the U.S. have to do all the heavy lifting?


So are you saying the U.S. should stay forever in the M.E. because there will never be an end to Muslim terrorists willing to fill the vacuum?

Are the pundits on Fox warhawks now?


I’m well aware of who was in Afghanistan. I’m just wondering why the European powers are incapable of beating the JV team in Syria without the U.S. It’s always the end of the world anytime there’s a risk of the American war machine slowing down.


It seems in many opinions, and very likely mattis’ opinion, it’s because being in Syria is about resisting Russia and Iran.

I mean, do you trust the French to take on Putin? No offense to the French.


Most of the ISIS fighters are being killed by the Kurds who’re doing the dying (over 10 000 Kurds died fighting ISIS - see post above). US troops were in Syria to coordinate airstrikes and prevent the Turks and their new Al-Qaeda buddies from exterminating the Kurds.

So the Turks and the Saudis wan’t to exterminate the only groups - the Kurds - who have sufficient conventional forces on the ground to take on ISIS. Geez, I wonder why.

After the Erdogan-Trump deal, the Turkish defense minister announced they’ll throw the Kurds in the ditches and execute them - it seems that was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back that prompted Mattis to resign in disgust.

Since the Turks and the Saudis are covertly and/openly supporting Salafis it’s not a matter of “incompetence” but a matter of throwing ISIS a lifeline just as they were at the brink of physical extermination.

It’s not a matter of warfare, it’s a matter of politics. It’s not that they’re incapable it’s that both the Turks and the Saudis support ISIS/AQ to a varying degree and the only things that (was) holding them back was the US presence.

The French announced that their troops will stay in Syria to try to deter Erdogan from launching a full scale offensive against the Kurds, but it simply doesn’t have the same weight as an US guarantee.

Danes, Poles, Czechs, Estonians…you name it. NATO members sent their soldiers to die in a pointless war in fucking Afghanistan because their ally called them upon. Only to be shat upon by Fox news talking heads for allegedly leeching on American money.

My older brother was shot at by the Taliban, suffered bouts of explosive diarrhea, watched dubious hygienic practices by Pashto tribesmen and saw enough Afghan man-on-underage boy love to scar him for life.

Why? Because 'Murica called us.


I’m saying if we just pull our troops out we’ll be deployed right back to the region to kill the next group of assholes that thinks they’ve formed the next caliphate.


I’d bet on Putin over the French myself. Other than a dick swinging contest, what is important in Syria that it matters who has influence. What faction in Syria wouldn’t hesitate to do harm to the West if given the opportunity?