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Syria, Here We Go Again


@loppar your talking to a guy who said “Assad did nothing wrong.” Seriously, your well informed time is better spent elsewhere.


Well, there’s probably the biggest difference between us. And if you don’t why did you join a thread about Syria? I mean the topic is right in the name…

I realize we cannot right all the world’s wrongs. If we did, we be mired in wars in Africa non-stop. They are always killing each other.

I am not going to try to convince you of the significance of Syria. If you don’t already understand that it’s the nail-head between ME and the West. It’s strategic significance is off the chain. And there is a horrific humanitarian crisis going on there to boot that could very well slowly drag the world into war…

Syria is no joke. The efforts to unfuck it up will be spectacular.


I meant that to the extent that I’m alright sending soldiers to die for them.

Yeah that’s what people always seem to say when they’re volunteering other people to go die for other people…

But again, how much do ANY of these people care about humanitarian shit. I don’t see these people itching to save North Koreans, who make Syria look like a playground.

Why aren’t we invading all these places? Hell why didn’t we invade NK 20 years ago if we REALLY care


Smart imperial powers use and throughout history have always used proxies. You dramatically reduce the costs of power projection and someone else is doing the dying.

That’s the logic the neocon turned on its head and invaded one the poorest countries in the world that everyone failed to conquer post 16th century and where the only pastimes are pederasty, polo with a severed dog’s head and penning women-hating aphorisms.


Or maybe not.


When it gets bad enough we do engage. See Bosnia. We had no business there, but there was a genocide that could not be ignored.

Syria is not unsimilar. The atrocities are to great to be ignored. Sadly, there is a level of tolerance. Syria crosses that line and everybody knows it. That is why it is so serious.


We did invade them in the 1950s. It wasn’t ignored, it’s in a rediculous stalemate.
Un wants his Rolls Royce’s, his bitches and his liquor. When he’s got that it’s peacefull when he’s lacking he sabre-rattles. Why don’t we save the N. Koreans? Because we can’t. If we could we would have. We tried.

Syria is different and it could very well drag the world into war, none of us want that.


Thank God NK is yet to cross that line.

So the leader of NK that’s constantly in a dick measuring contest with our resident EgoPOTUS who’s sending test missiles directly over Japan, along with nuclear ambitions is less likely to drag the world into war than Syria…?


Idk, maybe I’m weird. But I’d never ask Americans to die for people unless I’m willing to join them. Then again, my generation isnt typically the war mongering generation like the last few.

So given Trump included Syria in his travel ban, how exactly does this “saving of Syrians for humanitarian reasons” play out IRL? Turn most of their country into a cratered parking lot and hope Europe takes in the survivors?

I also have a very very hard time taking the GOP seriously on this war mongering stuff given they didn’t give 2 shits about Syrian refugees less than a year ago


Stop with the partisan bullshit, because that’s what it is bullshit. They have been trying to solve N. Korea since Eisenhower.
But parties have been trying to find an end.
Do you realize that the Korean War never ended? It’s in a state of the longest ‘ceasefire’ in recent history. The war is not over, it’s been going on since the 1950s. We are in a ceasefire which does not follow the normal rules of a ended war.
It doesn’t matter who’s president, the dance will continue until somebody makes a move, a real move. Then the ceasefire is over and war is on. That’s the reality of Korea. It’s a tentative peace and has been for over 50 years.

It can restart in a heartbeat. That’s why we say shit, but don’t do shit. One day someone will make a move. It won’t be a fun day.


If not being willing to ask Americans to die when I’m not willing myself is partisan, I’ll gladly take that.

If Trump were to announce an invasion of NK, would you be just as on board as Syria, if not moreso?

Edit: and again, because I’m a dick like that, how the hell does the GOP get off pretending to care about “humanitarian Syria” when they also supported banning their refugees like a year ago.

What does saving Syria look like. Serious question


Did I miss the part where Trump paid for sex with Stormy? His lawyer (and thus probably Trump) paid her to shut up years later. But my understanding was that he didn’t pay her for the sex.


Saving Syria is a muti-faceted complex situation, far more than it once was. But it hasn’t or be deallt with decisively with one blow.
The syrian situation has grown vastly more complicated than that now.

What you didn’t have in the early days was Russia, Iran, and Hezbolah cooperting on the same side fighting for the same thing. Now you have all these factors looking for their papounderstanding of flesh.
Now all sides want their pound flesh and few are a willing to give it up.

So what do you do? My main focus would be to stop the chemical attacks on civilians followed closely by any attacks on civilians.
Allow NATO to set up shelter and safe zones for their citizens free from the conflict. So that they have a chance to go home.
Let at least the citizens be safe while their coutry is at war. That is what I want for now.


Well, this ain’t good:



Why is the United States responsible for North Korea, Syria, or anywhere else that’s not…wait for it…the United States?

The fact that someone can say Syria could drag the world into WWIII is absurd(have you seen the size of Syria?). I’ve got a better idea: let the United States worry about the United States. Let ChiRussGhanistanopolis worry about their own crap. If they attack us for NOT being involved, then respond. I’d say that won’t happen.


A white picket fence around a private yard, 2.4 children in the home and a nice car or two. Duh.


It’s shockingly easy for some people to readily sacrifice American lives while also being nowhere near the level of balls necessary to volunteer themselves. Weird.

I might not have the balls to join the military myself, but at least I’m not asking the ones that do to go die for people I just banned from entering the country.

Humanitarian reasons. What a joke


He’s paying now, regardless.


Yet to see any proof that chemical weapons were used and by whom. Reminds of Saddam’s (imaginary) weapons.
Wondering how many more wars the americans want to lose before they start minding their own business.


Can’t lose a war if it never ends. 4D chess my friend


War is peace.