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Syria, Here We Go Again


The irony is that you believe forces that are aligned with ACTUAL terrorists.

Please tell me. Who gains more from an alleged “gas” attack?

What does Assad gain? International scrutiny? Inviting the international community to attack your military? Fucking ridiculous. To think that you actually believe that also, is sad. If Assad was actually using gas, and he knew people would shit bricks if he uses it, WHY WHY WHY would he only kill like 10-50 people? Why not Gas a whole village? BECAUSE it makes no sense to use Gas , when your winning. It only brings negative consequences.

The rebels have everything to gain! They get a reprieve in the fighting, and not to mention, uncle sam will now do some of their dirty work…


Where did I say I believe that? This irony derp is getting better and better.


You asked about the murdered children, you shill.


Do you genuinely believe Assad has never attacked a single one of his own people?

Lol @ shill. Couldn’t figure out what irony means so he switched to a Zep word. Well played


Assad did nothing wrong is a play on the phrase “Hitler did nothing wrong” . Seems to trigger people NICELY!


Did I say he used gas to murder children?

Damn, couldn’t figure out what irony OR shill meant. That’s rough man

Edit: oh wait I did. Damn. Troll failed

Edit2: the statement that Assad has done nothing wrong is still laughable at best, and I’d need to be high as shit to even laugh


I had liked a number of your posts before you deleted them.

I wouldn’t, which is why I said upthread that not only do I not want the US to start another war, but that I also don’t give a shit about the Syrian people if it means sacrificing our own

To be fair, if the goal of the powers that be was to create a series of martyrs to force people like you underground instead of being in the open, they sure as hell won’t.


If Iran, Assad and Russia win would they be allied with the Kurds? I know the Syrians sent forces to protect the Kurds from the Turks…but what’s your take? I always said if we are indeed in a war on terror, we should have backed up Assad and went after ISIS and Al-Qaeda in Syria, then maybe us, rather then the Russians would be calling the shots. But we have to back up the Saudis and their radical version of Islam against their age old enemies the Shia so we are stuck between a rock and a hard place.


I’m DEFINITELY not a republican lol

That being said, I do support the death penalty and much harsher punishments for violent criminals. But I think voting for Obama twice and HRC once excludes me from being welcome at the GOP jerk fests the tea party organizes these days


My take has always been to back him since he’s hostile toward ISIS and al-Qaeda, but sides have been drawn up for us and we’re on one of them for better or worse unfortunately.


I still can’t figure out why we have to back anyone? We’re drowning in an unmanageable deficit fighting an unwinnable battle with a horribly inefficient military.

Why the shit are we still subsidizing Europe’s defense spending at the expense of our own people?


It’s not that simple as it’s a marriage of convenience for the time being. Iran has a large Kurdish minority they’re keeping subjugated (comparatively lightly by ME standards) and the mullahs aren’t that keen on that whole socialist gender-equality thing to say the least.

After all, it was Iran that cut short the independence of Kurdistan in Northern Iraq last year.

Don’t use abbreviations, they’re fluid. It’s Sunnite vs. Shiite no matter which labels one uses. Kurds are the exception.

Yes. Why do you think MBS did a frenzied whistle-stop of all major Western capitals? Tete-a-tete dining in the Louvre with Macron (the common peasants were barred for the day), crude posters with billions on arms purchases for Trump…

Finally the salafis have a smart leader - he wants a major takfir (West) vs. takfir (Shiites) war and he’s offering a blank check. Name your price.

All that is accompanied by a massive PR campaign aimed to whitewash jihadis in general as well as a certain bin-Laden guy who killed some people in some buildings but it seems that’s all forgotten now. A wayward son who misguidedly tried to preserve ancient traditions (beheadings, stonings I presume?)


When Tucker Carlson makes sense…


Syria aren’t in the same ballpark. Not even the same sport. Don’t conflate the 2. Everytime N.Korea wants something the shoot a few missles, declare a war a sabre-rattle their ass off. The act may be wearing thin, but it’s the same shit that’s been going on for the last 3 decades at least.

Syria ain’t no game. How that goes could determine our future for a long time. We had the chance to check them with Obama’s ‘Red Line’ when there were not multiple state actors including Russia. Instead we cut a deal with Russia that gave them access to Syria, unwatched, more or less. Russia went full in and chemical weapons have still been used ever since.
And the world watched Allepo and other asualts ever since. Doing nothing.
We had a chance to get Assad. Obama balked and the rest was and is history.

Now it’s going to get messy. Messy with Trump or HRC, but necessary nontheless. Just wait, it ain’t over. It’s just getting started.


As usual, the Donald Duck tweeted “Get ready Russia, because missiles are coming, nice and they are new and “smart!” You shouldn’t be partners with a Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it”
So, … trump is about to confront another nuclear power country, like Russia, but refuses to let UN inspectors go to Syria to inspect if Al Assad has used chemicals on his people …
A huge lie fabricated by the US+UK+France


There’s a fascinating continuity between the parties when it comes to foreign affairs. Not 100% bipartisanship. But beyond the bluster, in terms of what the US actually DOES, it’s interesting to notice.

Every now and then someone sets a new paradigm: FDR’s decision to re-engage with Europe set the stage for the entire second half of the 20th century (WW2 and Cold War). GWB’s invasion of Iraq has similarly set up a series of circumstances that successive presidents are likely to deal with in a surprisingly similar fashion.


So there’s a statute of limitations on horrific humanitarian problems and at that point Pat no longer wants to help people?

Imo a good thing. He wasn’t willing to sacrifice American lives for Syrians when we have other things to be doing

So much for America first.

Can someone remind me, what is Trump actually good at again?


Maybe ask Stormy that question?


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Like goddamn man. When you can’t even properly cheat on your wife what the hell are we supposed to think about your abilities. At least Bill dealt with the budget


So much for the world’s best negotiator. Speaking about paying pornstars for sex, at the time Trump forked out six figures for Stormy, Viktoria Knezova was around 1k, no strings attached.

But then the Stormy story seems typical Trump - he’s obsessed with TV and is willing to pay more for pornstars that star in adult movies available in hotels.