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Syria, Here We Go Again


Well, if you were a Christian from Syria, you’d be on your knees begging the Lord that nothing bad happens to Bashar al-Assad.

Because if the Americans and Saudis win the headchoppers are coming.

I’m always surprised ho you evangelicals are pretty meh when it comes to the plight of Arab Christians in the Middle East.


I am not an evangelical, one. Two, I am not indifferent to the plight of the Christians, nor am I indifferent to the Muslims in the region. I am a pretty inclusive ‘pitier’ when it comes to the suffering masses.


Unfortunately, they can’t join hands and sing Kumbaya.

Either the Sunnis win or the Shiites, Christians and to a lesser extent the Kurds. The losing side gets to suffer.

The US is on the Sunni side FYI.


Assad did nothing wrong.


Yes he did - he killed (and continues to kill) tens and tens of thousands of Sunnis. Not that he’s anything different from his father, who killed around 3-4k Sunnis yearly, with around 20-30k in the siege of Homs back in the 1980s.

But like the brilliant John Dolas pointed out, this is a prison-type situation where if you’re in the minority you don’t have the luxury of picking sides…

In fact I remember a Syrian Sunni colleague yelling, in the middle of an office argument, “I would rather have SHAYTAN ruling my country than Assad!” I’ve always wondered whether he still feels that way, now that he’s had a chance to see the heads stuck on poles in Raqqa. You want Shaytan, kid, sometimes you’re gonna get Shaytan.

The Alawites are likely to fight to the last boy or old man because they know very well there’ll be very little mercy for them if the Sunni win. Long before the current war started, graffiti in Sunni neighborhoods in Syria said, “Christians to Beirut, Alawi to the graveyard.” That wasn’t what you call “mere hyperbole,” either; when Sunni militias made it into Alawite territory in Latakia Province in 2013, they killed hundreds of civilians.

Even Alawites who hate Assad’s clan have joined up, because when you belong to a small hill sect in a sea of Sunni sectarians, you’re in a prison situation: stick with your own or die.


Ha! There will never be a black and white when it comes to the middle east. You choose who you believe is the lesser evil. I chose a long time ago when this “civil war” first started.

Assad did nothing wrong.



And that makes Assad a bad guy because???


Fuckin please. Take a 12 second look at NK and REEEEALLY tell me this has anything to do with humanitarian concepts. If you genuinely cared you’d be called for the invasion of NK, as it makes Syria look like a playground.

But I’m not there, so I’m not straddled with bias and emotion. Tbh I couldn’t give a rats ass about what’s going on in Syria. You can’t fight all the world’s wrongs (and this is by far not even the worst). I’m not willing to ask Americans to die for someone else when it’s pure offense and no defense, but that’s just me.


Says it’ll never be black and white

Immeditately makes black and white statement


Did you read my post?

Nobody is innocent. Therefore, whoever you decide to back, is just as bad as the other.

Hence, Assad did nothing wrong. Because they’re all wrong, you moron.

Assad is least wrong in my opinion.


EXACTLY. The only reason the US is so determined for regime change is because Assad is hostile towards Israel!


The children that were murdered is just as bad as Assad?

Went from nothing (zero) wrong to least (nonzero) in the span of 2 sentences.

Bravo, well done


What children murdered?


If they are all wrong, including Assad, then he is wrong. I don’t think your display of poor logic gives you the right to call anyone a moron.


Lesser of Evils.


All the dead ones

I’m sure the irony isn’t lost upon him


Which ones? The ones from the last gas attack? Mattis just stated that they still don’t know exactly who used it.

So your going to take your info from the soros “white helmets”, and anti Assad forces. Talk about IRONY!


My grandfather did some of that bombing against the Axis.

Why are you responding to me anyway?


The ones from any gas attack. You know… The ones that would invalidate the opinion that Assad did NOTHING wrong?

I would love for you to explain how this statement is ironic