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Syria, Here We Go Again


Trump warns Assad: ‘Big price to pay’ for fatal Syria attack: https://apnews.com/f8ba46e80ea44afbb988cf1e161fd2ab

I never worried about N. Korea, it was always Syria. Scary shit…


This gas attack makes little sense. If Trump states U.S. troops will be leaving Syria, why would Assad attack his own people so they stay? @loppar can you shed some light on this situation.


Honestly, I have no idea what’s happening. But this has been grating on my mind - mind you, these tweets are two months old:

This also happened in April last year - whenever the US administration publicly stated that it won’t topple Assad there has been a chemical attack. C’mon, the Assad clan are cunning, crafty bastards - as a persecuted minority they’ve stayed on top of a bunch or (justifiably) angry Sunnites for six decades, I can’t believe they could be this dumb.

He’s winning - unless he’s got a serious case of a “suicide by US” death wish, this all seems weird…

But things are extremely interesting (and confusing) in Syria - the main Saudi newspaper triumphantly announced that the Trump/Bolton combo is too good to miss to “destroy the takfirs after hundreds of years once for all”, while the president of a NATO country de facto allied with AQ is threatening France with ISIS terrorist attacks.

The two-pronged Sunnite offensive is ready to reclaim lost ground from the Kurds and Shiites…


Syria is complex as fuck… In 2012 during the first ‘Red Line’ things were about half as complicated, which is to say it was still complicated, but not near as complex now…


Just horrible.

The idea of chlorine gas or some other chemical weapon is awful to think about.

@ Not worrying about NK. It makes you wonder what NK or Russia is capable of, really.

Russians with radioactive polonium poisoning back in 2006, in the UK.
Or recently with the nerve agent, again in the UK.

Kim Jong-nam…

…swabs taken from his face revealed the presence of nerve agent VX.

One drop of the liquid is enough to kill a human and two of the suspected female assassins fell ill after the deadly encounter at Kuala Lumpur airport…The autopsy report into his death has since revealed he was either poisoned with ricin or deadly puffer fish toxins 1,200 times more lethal than cyanide.


So what was the verdict? Obama was the big hero who got the Russians to remove the toxic gas out of Syria a few years back…but not the Chlorine, because God knows Chlorine isn’t deadly and you could put it on your pool for heaven’s sake, so no point in removing that, or bombing the Syrians for using it.

And I’m an idiot for thinking Obama should have.

Well now it killed 42 and injured 500. Guess that’s ok to some people.

We’ll see what Trump does.


It is the irony of all ironies that Putin…through his Ministry of Defense…is now calling this latest gas attack…Fake News…

(Oh, the Webs we weave…)


Sarin gas has also been known to be used, so the Russians missed a couple of boxes, apparently…


I cannot read this… The blinding virtue signaling is like being stuck in a road block by the ‘holier than thou’ police…


In Trump’s defense, he really needs a war to happen.

The defending country being dominated by Muslims is just a bonus for the base


And when paired with Bolton…this is not only scary…but a realistic possibility.


Joe…where would you place Cheney?


In my defense, joe, I don’t want a war with anyone. A war would be the last thing we need at this point in time.

As far as a war goes, check out this article:

I wanna hear loppar’s take on this ^


“You can tell there’s something odd about this conversation by the fact that it’s barely changed between the Obama and Trump administrations.”-from the article above

Strange, that is.

I would propose a fourth option for the U.S.: minding its own business.


Personally I was really hoping the “America first” slogan meant we’d stop going on the offensive and destabilizing regions costing trillions of dollars.

All I have of Trump is tariffs and the hope of no more sacrificing American lives in the ME. Don’t take this from me Orangey. Don’t do it


You and I, both.



Don’t count on Trump (and now Bolton) not wanting to show the World how “tough” they are…


This is a two fold thing for the Trump administration… What you stated above (base seems happy going to war with a Muslim country), and a major distraction from the all of Trumps scandals in and out of the white house.


Did you believe Syria was going away anytime soon? The humanitarian crisis there is unimaginable. We may not want to get involved, but somebody has to stop this madness.
If you lived there, you would be begging for international help too…


Do you think ‘nothing’ is really the answer? We tried that before and yet here we are again at the precipice. How many people have to die for it to matter? These people are being slaughtered…

Doing nothing didn’t work. New strategy, do something. But I believe we need a coalition. Then again, if we have to go it alone, so be it.