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First post : Hello I’m a 45 year old male who’s in decent shape. Been training with weights for 25+ years and never used steroids. I had some bloodwork done by my GP and my total test was 285. Sorry but that’s the only result listed. GP seems to think that 285 is ok so I’m looking for a doc in central New York that can help me get started. Even if it turns out that my T was just low that day because of illness or some other reason and I don’t need any treatment. I just want a doc that doesnt think that 285 is ok. Thanks

Your doc needs to refer you to uralagist, you hit 286, on first test make uralagist knows number if it under 350 next time should give script if so go with injectables. I was on 90mg axiron daily not as good as 100mg Testosterone Cypionate Weekly, way cheaper. Ask if you can have nurse show you how to do injections and do at home way cheaper or have them show wife how. Funny a gp just gave a script for tramodol (highly addictive pain med) for my planters facia im not touching unless im in agonizing pain, insteed of cortisone shot which are good for three months.

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Proper T pre TRT labs would be:
fasting glucose
fasting cholesterol

low libido
reduced sexual function
short tempered, intolerant, moody
low energy, initiative
fat gain
loss of hair below the knees
sparse outer eyebrows ← thyroid issue - also then test fT3, fT4 [not T3, T4]

You can learn a lot that you need to know and can easily know more than most doctors. Finding a TRT doc is the biggest problem. Endo’s and urologists are rather bad as a group.

When posting labs - we always need the lab ranges.

Getting labs done on your own is a problem in your state. Are you close to a state border?

Thanks for the info guys. I am not near a state border. And I don’t think that I have any symptoms. I’m looking for a doc that can explain to me why my total T was 285. I just don’t trust my GP with this issue and I want a doc that’s done this before

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Doctors are the problem, your chances of getting the answers you seek and proper care are bleak if you are passive about this. Testosterone clinics have tunnel vision and have little interest or skills to direct at finding causes or addressing them. They often ignore other health issues that have a strong bearing on one’s quality of life.

You have not described anything that relates to symptoms.
Why was T tested?
What else was tested?

The only symptom that I have is that I produce very little seaman. Libido is good. Erections good. Mood is ok. I’m a little fatter with a little less muscle but still in good shape. I asked the doctor to test my T at my last yearly physical. It was part of the regular blood work. Four pages of results but the only testosterone reading was total T 285. I was surprised but the doctor didn’t seem to think that there was an issue,

We do often have concerns with lab results that doctors bless as normal.

Do not have expectations that doctors will understand these things or care about your hormonal health. They are into disease management, not health management. You still sound passive.

If you are not symptomatic, then one needs to consider a lab error and a second lab should be done to confirm TT=285 and with some other labs - see suggested above.

I saw a new doctor yesterday & had blood tested. I haven’t talked to him yet about the results but I could view them online.

Total Testosterone Adult Male 295 ng/dL (285-950)

PSA 0.520 ng/mL (0.000-4.000)
FSH 10.1 mIU/ml (1.3-19.3)
LH 2.5 mIU/ml (1.2-8.6 )
Prolactin 12.8 ng/ml (2.6-13.1)

Many here will not be surprised by my saying this…

FSH 10.1 mIU/ml (1.3-19.3)
LH 2.5 mIU/ml (1.2-8.6 )

LH is low, makes sense against low T.

BUT, LH and FSH levels are normally similar. When we see FSH that is high VS LH, we need to be concerned that there might be a FSH secreting testicular cancer. You doc may not pick up on this. You should have your testes examined, and an ultrasound can be done for screening.

FSH secreting pituitary adinoma are possible, but rare.

Testicular cancer is a young man’s disease. So maybe this a false alarm.

With TRT LH and FSH get zero’d out. When FSH does not go near zero, we have the same alarms.

Prolactin ranges mysteriously vary wildly from one lab to another. However, it is a concern when one is near the top of the range. The concern is a prolactin secreting pituitary adinoma. Prolactin increases with orgasm and hugging babies, puppies and kittens, so try to recall if a factor. High prolactin can affect T levels. Levels can get very high, so yours is not shouting for attention.

Ping me with updates on the KSman is here thread later on.

Cancer. Great. There goes my cortisol level. I have had a lump of some variation on my right testicle for some time now. Had an ultrasound perfromed about 10 years ago & was determined to not be cancer. I have no idea how they decide this but I didnt argue. It hasn’t changed over the years but I will inform my new doc. [quote=“KSman, post:9, topic:221652”]
Prolactin increases with orgasm and hugging babies, puppies and kittens, so try to recall if a factor
Definitely wasn’t hugging any puppies before blood was drawn. Sample was taken after full day of work & I am quite a nervous patient

I’m in no mans land. Morning Total Testosterone today was 363 ng/dL. I haven’t talked to the doc yet but I have a feeling that it’s not low enough.

TT may be a bad indicator is SHBG is high and TT is inflated with T+SHBG.
FT is too variable at times.
Bio-T may be best thing to go on.

Why jump to the pills so fast? Look at see what lifestyle changes you can make. Once you go on that shit youre never going off of it.

I had an appointment last week to have my testosterone checked again. I prepared by staying up all night drinking coffee & Jack Daniels. No sleep at all, hoping to trash my T a little. When I got my results it was obvios that the doctor’s office had ordered a full panel of everything but T. No sex hormones at all! oops. So I had a consult with another doctor’s office today. Didn’t see the doc, just met with office manager. Doctor doesn’t deal with insurance & only does pellets. SottoPelle. Are pellets any good? I read a few post on the forum & the feelings seem to be mixed.

All I really know about them is that it’s crazy expensive. And usually not as good. But some guys love the pellets