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Syracuse--Rochester T Cats

Any T-Cats up in the Syracuse/Rochester area. I just took a job in Romulus NY and will be near Seneca Falls, about 40 miles from Syracuse and the same from Rochy. Looking for good gyms to train in the area…Relatively to close to Romulus area if possible, but I’ll take a drive now and again.
Peace out


I’m in western NY, not a whole lot going on here actually… what on earth is worth moving to in Romulus???

big career move/job for me in terms of my field. It will allow me to make real good coin, working with the population I have researched and studied for some time, and will eventually most likely provide the avenue to attain my PhD in Developmental Psych. Needless to say, I realize that Romulus is a podunk town, but hell, I"m close enough to some pretty decent cities. Hope to meet some cool people.


I am in Rochester. I don’t think you want to travel all the way here to lift. By the way, are you working for Kids Peace? You mentioned Psych and I beleive they are building a center down their. If so, I am in the same field, sort of. I teach emotionally disturbed kids at a day treatment facility.

Dubs—That is exactly where I am going to be: I"ll be a clinicial there for s.o’. juveniles.
what the scene like up in that area?
let me know

The scene? As far as lifting/working out my gym (Powerhouse) is sponsering an IFBB contest in early June. Our in house pros are the draw card. Bob Chicarillo (who actually just got a contract and moved to LA is making a return). Another pro named George ‘something or other’ (he just qualified for Mr. O). Anyway… as far as night life. Rochester is okay. I have lived here my whole life, minus college, so I am sort of bored with the bar scene. 'Cuse has got a better bar scene and the addition of 'Cuse football & basketball is a big draw. The bars in Buffalo are open till 4am and Canada is right there. Don’t know how much you are into the music scene, but NY seems to blowing up with a lot of local bands. Alot of ‘hippie’ type jambands. The music verges on Zydeco to Bluegrass. I like that sort of shit. So their are these festival pretty much every weekend. They are held on private farms where everyone camps out for the weekend. They are not publicized greatly, but can be found. Alot of it helps recognize NY farmers and the organic movement uphere. Don’t know if you’re into that kind of thing. Then there is the addition of Bledsoe to the Bills. I am a Seahaks fan, but have to admit I’m intrigued to watch Bledsoe to Moulds hook-up. That is a stock up on Moulds in fantasy leagues. Got any other questions?