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Synvisc - Knee Injection

I’m in mid 40’s with a knee that had ACL reconstruction 25 years ago. For 25 years, the knee has held up well to lifting (heavy squats, leg press, etc.) It’s arthritic, but nothing that has prevented me from lifting in the past for long stretches.

Recently,I’ve had patellar femoral pain (knee cap pain) It’s more like an irritation but has not left, even though I haven’t done leg press, squats, with that injured leg. I wanted to give it rest. It’s been over 2 weeks. Ive also stretched, done some PT, massage, ART, etc.

I’ve had physicians tell me that one option is injecting a lubricant, or Synvisc into the knee. However, has anyone had it done and if so, for what injury or condition? What results have you had? Won’t I have to get injections for the remainder of my life then? I’ve read that Synvisc sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t and it’s not indicated for NOS anterior knee cap pain. LIke to hear some opinions and experiences

Had shots done after my meniscus surgery, shot was bearable.All it did for me was create more pain,probably due to the huge cyst on medial side of knee that he wont touch.The shots if they work wont last forever you will have to get them again.