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Synvisc Injections for Arthritis?



So ages ago I had an ACL rebuild. It's worked fine, except that very gradually I've been getting arthritis in the joint. Saw my doctor yesterday and he suggested that I get Synvisc injections. He assures me that I can keep lifting. The aim is to put off a knee replacement for as long as possible.

Anyone had this in their knees? Good stories/bad stories but in any case true stories?


-- jj


Hell yeah, go for it. My knees are basically trashed from arthritis at 45 yrs old. Had the injections 2 years ago and doing pretty good. Get the occasional aches and pains after workouts, sometimes during weather changes, etc.
Well worth it.

You get 1 injection a week for 3 weeks. The downfall is it too me close to 2 months AFTER I got the injections for it to really kick in. I was expecting to get them done yearly. Maybe this fall…


They are great! They last about 2-4 years depending on the person. It takes about 6 weeks after final injection to start getting the full effect.