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Syntrax Nectar

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has tried or heard any feedback on Nectar Whey Protein Isolate? Is it a quality product or not? They claim you can even chew the powder, so would this bebeneficial to someone who is lactose intolerant?

In terms of the quality of the protein it looks to be good, and the flavor is pretty decent to. I had the tropical and the apple. Both tasted alot like what they were supposed to which is always good. As for eating it by itself/no water I think that would make me wanna hurl, but to eat his own. BTW I personally found myself getting tired of the taste quick while drinking 3 shakes a day.

i got the berry cherry one and it’s good. not too sweet like grow. i bought it for the zero carbs and fats. i’ll probably stick with this for a while.

I have the very berry cherry too. Mixed with a lot of water, it tastes more like juice or gatorade than your average protein shake. Good stuff