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Does anyone know any supplements for fighting fat that I can take while taking synthroid. Or even some I should avoid. I have taken ephedra and clen, and tolerated both. Any other ideas would be great! Thanks for the help.


You have a thyroid problem or you taking Synthroid for other reason ?


If you are hypothyroid and taking a replacement dose of synthroid then HOT-ROX would stack nicely with it. If you are taking supra-physiological doses then I'm not so sure.


If you have a thyroid problem and are taking Synthroid, to combat fat, I've read a lot of studies that state that the best way to stay/get lean is a lower carb diet and exercise, especially cardiovascular exercise.

Also be sure to take the Synthroid on an empty stomach and avoid calcium containing foods and foods/drinks containing soy isoflavones for at least 3 hours around your dose of Synthroid.

As a matter of fact, especially with Thyroid problems, avoid soy products altogether as studies show there is a link between naturally occurring chemicals in soy and goiter/thyroid disease.

Also if you're hypothyroid, be sure to check your levels regularly so that you never get low. Times you get low, you will have a difficult time taking off and keeping off body fat. Be sure to check your levels as directed by your physician even if you feel ok.


If you're hypothyroid, zinc, manganese, selenium, iodine, sodium, potassium, chromium, (sometimes iron), B-complex, vitamin C, and less fat can all boost thyroid function.

High amounts of calcium and magnesium, copper, choline, inositol, vitamin D, and a high fat diet will tend to slow down the thyroid.

If you're not hypothyroid and using synthroid to lose weight you may impair your health. It's possible your weight problems may be due to some other variable. Thyroid drugs are catabolic, which isn't a good thing if you're trying to gain/maintain muscle.



Any ideas about how often to check thyroid levels?

BTW: My daughter is Chinese (from Guangdong province). She's quite a character, 4 years old and ENERGETIC to say the least! :slightly_smiling:


Cute!! Checking levels depends upon the person and the doctor. In an otherwise healthy known thyroid patient whose levels have been stable, it's usually every 6 months to a year.


Thanks to all how contibuted. I am taking synthroid for hypothyroidism. I have recently read about the calcium issue and making changes. I also read about T3, or Cytomel, and considering taking that as a supplement. I just had my thyroid checked and everything is good. Any thoughts on Cytomel or any other supplements? Thanks again for all the support!