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Synthroid and T-3


I am currently taking Synthroid (150mg) for hypothyroidism and still having trouble losing weight. I read that there may be also a T-3 deficiency that is causing the issue. Does anyone have any experience with Cytomel (T-3) and/or taking Clen with all of this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


do you have a deficiancy?


No direct experience, however my wife also suffers from hypothyroidism.There is a great deal of debate about what is the best approach for treatment.It took about three years for her to find an"aggressive" Doctor. You need to have your "free" t-3 levels as well as "ulta sensetive" TSH levels checked, many doctors overlook these and only do t-4.Bottom line for her is she was also on 150 mcg t-4 and had her doc lower that to 100mcg and add 20mcg of t-3 in 4 divided daily doses.One of the new studies on this revealed that a 5:1 ratio of t-4 to t-3 seemed to give better results than either alone.

She feels much better on this combo and can lose wieght given nutrition and training are both sound,she has taken clen with minimal results. Hope this helps.BTW it wouldn't hurt to have your free testosterone levels checked with your next bloodwork,Good Luck!


Thanks! I talked to my doctor and he seemed liked there was no issue with T-3. I think I will also have to have the other levels checked as there seems to be something more going on. I appreciate the input and hope your wife is continuing to do well.


Yeah that's the thing, as I said it took a few years to find a doc willing to test and treat aggressively,most of the docs gave her the same comment about the t-3( said there was no problem) and one had not even heard of it! It is very important to demand that all of those levels be checked, if your doc is unwilling there are several thyroid support groups that list "top docs" try googling t-3 or thyroid support,many of the groups are geared toward women but they will give you a good idea of what to ask your doc about different therapies!


Thanks for the encouragement!! I will look for another doc just to make sure I am not missing something.