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Synthroid and Albuterol for Fat Loss

Hello guys,
So, I think everyone here can agree that T3 and Clenbuterol are a great combination for fat loss. However, those two are usually expensive and it is mostly an UGL staff.
Synthroid and Albuterol, on the other hand, are mostly available in pharma grade. So, would combining the two of them together help as a fat burning stack, or it is very mild that it won’t be even noticed.
I personally find Albuterol to help in that regard even though that some experts call it useless, but I think it works for me, not sure how it compares to Clen since I never tried that. And as far as Synthroid I am not really sure , so I want to hear your opinions guys, especially those who tried one of those two.

Try diet, these meds (esp when used together) can be quite dangerous, too much thyroid hormone can equate to arrythmias, beta 2 agonists can cause cardiac hypertrophy, lactic acidosis among a myriad of other adverse affects. If you aren’t stepping on stage I personally think it isn’t worth it.

However if youre sure you know what you’re doing, both will increase basal metabolic rate, neither are “mild drugs”, still if you have a shitty diet and training routine I don’t think all the drugs in the world (besides DNP… Which DONT use!) Will help

You can very easily find pharma t3 and (what passes for) pharma clen. But like Unreal said, that’s a serious combination. Usually it’s used by one of two kinds of guy: serious competitors or lazy guys who don’t know how to diet. You can do a lot with one or the other in conjunction with a decent diet. Using both should be the final step simply because it’s a lot to ask from your body and you should exhaust all other options first.

Synthroid and t3 are not the same. Synthroid boosts your T4 which is inactive and thus provides those with underactive thyroid a reservoir for t3 conversion. Taking T3 directly is very different.

Of course bro. Actually I am at the end of a bulk and I am planning a mini cut for 4 weeks to reduce as much bodyfat. So, I just want some aid to accelerate the process since it is cold outside and it is harder to do some extra cardio. Diet would be 100%.
But, Synthroid didn’t work that well for me at least, Albuterol I like on the other hand.

3rd category is those who won’t to speed up the process. But, I always found Albuterol to work pretty well for me but I am not sure if someone here had good results with Synthroid, since I didn’t really notice anything with it in the past. maybe because of the longer half life.