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ok boys, i am posting this so you can alllllllllllll tell my freind ( he doesn’t believe me) that fuckin doctors DON’T use synthol in penis enhancement surgeries! He believes it will soon happen. He is a fuckin idiot. Burn him please, I lost my patience. ( Unless I am fuckin wrong and you guys burn me…then I am saying fuck u from now…and stocking up on synthol)

I regularly inject synthol into my little friend. It helps me impress the ladies.

PS. That’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard, but I’m not real good at flaming, so I’ll let the others do that.

yes it is true i also use synthol on my penis.

to second what merlin said women are very, very impressed by a man with a giant lump on his dick!

Hey guys. You’ll all want to listen up.
Although some people say that prolonged use of steroids causes testicular shrinkage, I’ve found a solution. When I’m on a really long cycle (16 weeks or more) I inject synthol into both of my testicles (!)

Now, I know it seems extreme, but I would recommend this to anyone with small shrunken nuts due to either AAS use, or even if you’re cursed genetically with tiny balls.
I can go from peanut sized boys to baseball sized rocks with just 3 cc of synthol (each)!
I’m really amazed noone else has thought of this before…

lmao. what kind of fucked up shit is this? i think your bud had been injecting synthol into his brain. i cant even imagine how painful that would be. and then after all that pain, its not permanent. dont get me wrong. i am all for injecting oil into the body. i do it everyday via steroids. i just think messing around with the privates in that manner is a baaaad idea. that sacred territory man!

women are very, very impressed by a man with a giant lump on his dick!

Sorry, I have never had to inject synthol into my dick nor have I ever felt the need to enlarge my penis because my penis is already enlarged enough as it is. I believe myself and several other gentlemen covered this on another thread but just in case anybody did not get it I am hung like a DONKEY.

That’s a fine lookin’ animal ru12nme, how much do you want for it?

Anyone remember that anonymous article awhile back that talked about the partying lifestyles of some of the pro’s. There was something in there about some Arab (I think) roid dealer at the party injecting his dickhead with synthol and then with his swoll cockhead fucking some big dude in his ass.

i knew this party would have a great turn out…

Wideguy, why the hell would you even remember that from that article!?


that is juts plain nasty!!!

Probably because I’m a sick monkey. Besides everytime somebody who doesn’t know any better starts talking to me about how awesome some pro is and that he knows it all, I usually am hesitant to agree. That little exert from that particular article stands out as one of my reasons.

from what I have seen, many of the pro’s are idiots. It makes you wonder how someone so dumb can look like that. And many will do anything to make a buck.

have you seen the recent realsex on hbo?lmao. some fat hoe, awww gawd im not going to bother unless you saw it.

this thread hasnt let me down. i was looking foward to reading it all day.

Sorry bro, I am not for sale. I am an animal however. Those TJ hookers can’t get enough of this Donkey Cock. Unfortunatly some bad circumstances have befallen upon me and I can no longer partake in the simple pleasures south of the border and now I live a simple lonely life tied to leash.

DISCLAIMER: Ru12nvme is NOT really a DONKEY only hung like one and YES the donkey pictured above REALLY is for sale.